Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Felix (part 4)

 Nuvole left the prison covered in ice so thick, it would take days to dig through. It would keep his sister safe inside until he returned.

"Felix!" screamed Nuvole," Felix! Face me you pathetic worm!"

 His fists were covered with ice spikes, ready to rip the king apart, and frightened anyone that he passed causing them to bolt out of his way. His rage caused his power of ice to spread where ever he stepped. Any guards that tried to stop him he easily froze and continued his search.

 He found him in the counsel room, along with Andromeda.

 Felix knew the boy would come looking for him eventually once news of his sister being here had reached him. Though the dramatics were a bit much.

"We had a deal, Felix."

"Oh, did we?"

"You said you would leave Nu'Graten and her people alone if I came with you." The spikes grew larger, making Nuvole's hands look more like maces. Felix didn't flinch.

"You said you'd leave my family alone! But you've broken your promise, and I don't have to hold back anymore."

 Nuvole unleashed the spikes from his hands and directed them all at Felix, something he should have done the first time he met the man.

Andromeda had watched enough of this charade.

 Fire met the ice spikes before they could even get half way across the room, the resulting steam both blinding and shocking Nuvole. Andromeda took the opportunity and thrust him against the wall with her magic as clasps of fire held him there.

 In his anger he had forgotten to be wary of the woman and her magic, and he cursed himself for being so reckless. He tried to fight against his bonds, but found he could not move.

 "Thank you, my dear." Felix stood up from his chair and walked towards Nuvole, a small smile on his face.

"Well, my pet, it seems you have been holding out on me. Your powers, however, are somewhat disappointing in comparison to my Andromeda here." Felix caressed said woman's cheek, and the fire clasps around Nuvole's limbs burned hotter. If it wasn't for his own powers, he was sure that he would have been incinerated.

"You've been a nuisance for far too long, boy, and I find my patience wearing thin with these sudden spurts of heroics." His words held an edge that Nuvole had long before learned to fear, and the fire clasps tightened threateningly.

 Nuvole thought of his sister and of how the wall of ice around her couldn't protect her long, less so if Andromeda were to try to get to her. He inwardly cursed himself for not getting her out first, in case he would not survive. He would have to stall.

"You can't kill me," He reminded them," you need me, without me as a guide you'll never get passed Nu'Graten's walls."

 It was an excuse he had used lightly during his captivity, using it in the most dire situations. And this was most dire.

"My boy, you still don't believe that do you? Tell me, Nuvole, in the time that you've been here, when did I ever ask you about Nu'Graten, besides about your family?"

He didn't answer.

"No, I needed you for something far greater. You were a perfect candidate at the time, but your sister has surpassed your usefulness, as well as her friends."

Perfect candidate? For what? As your personal slave and dress up doll? But Nuvole dared not to snap at him, least Andromeda snapped his spine.

"What do you want with my sister?"

"Why? So you can run off and tell your little spy about our-," he gestured towards Andromeda,"-plans?"

Nuvole's blood ran cold," You know?" It was barely a whisper, but Felix managed to catch it.

"Not at first, but secrets in my city never stay secret for long. And I should thank you for leading me to one of the biggest spies of the rebel army."

Felix watched the realization of defeat slowly sink into Nuvole, his shoulders slumping, his fight gone. Without a bargaining chip of his own, he was out of the game, and was

"Are you going to kill me?"

"That depends on if your sister cooperates."

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