Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adonis (Part 3)

"Well, that was an adventure." I said as Bly led the way to the elfin city.
Xander laughed, "Yes an adventure. Did you even see anything curled up in your little ball?"
I glared at him but didn't say anything else. We walked in silence for some time. Xander and Bly would talk to each other but I decided to hang back.
I came on this trip to get Nairi medicine. I reminded myself. I wonder how she is doing. I scolded myself in the beginning for her getting hurt. Even though it was my fault, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. Why do I care so much? I ask myself this question frequently. I never have cared much for anyone or anything. I was beginning to get mad at the world for not telling me why I felt this way.
"Adonis, are you okay." Xander said, snapping me out of my thoughts.
"Yeah I'm fine. Why? "
"You had this look on your face like you might catch on fire."
"I might." I mumbled.
"What was that?" He said leaning closer.
"Oh nothing." I said smiling "How far are we, Bly?"
"Um, it is still a ways ahead, but we should reach there before nightfall...I hope."
“You hope?”
"Well, um we are a little ways off maybe as fast as a dragon flies we could reach there by nightfall."
I frowned "Did you have to use a dragon as the example of how far off we are?"
She looked at me "Well, sorry I figured since you are half dragon that would be the best way to describe it in a way you would understand!" She looked kind of mad. I hadn't known her all my life or anything but she wasn't one to get mad that easy. Xander must have noticed to because he suddenly had a worried expression on his face.
"Bly, are you okay?"
She put her hand to her head "Yeah, I'm fine. Just tired is all."
"Maybe, we should rest a while." Xander said still looking concerned.
"But we won’t make it before night if we rest now." She said persistently.
Xander pushed on "And we won’t make it before nightfall if you pass out halfway there."
She glared at him "I'm fine really."
"No you’re not." He said.
I had had enough. "Will you both just shut up already?! Will it settle both your nerves if I agree to turn into a dragon and carry you guys there."
They both looked at me with shocked looks on their faces. "That would give us time to rest." Bly said "But are you sure you will be able to tra-?"
I cut her off "I said I would do it okay so just sit and rest and we will go when you wake up or whatever." I didn't really want to change into a dragon. It was always annoying. But it was really the only way I saw to shut them up and keep them from wasting time that could spend getting to the elf city. This also meant more time Nairi sat in a bed dyeing.
I walked off away from them, leaned against a tree, and closed my eyes to clear my head. Before I knew it, I drifted off to sleep.
"Mommy, look what I made." I said running up to a woman in a long dress, who was sewing in a rocking chair.
"Let me see." The woman said setting down her sewing to pick up the little two year old me.
"See, Mommy." I held up a drawing to my mother’s face. I pointed to a tall figure on the piece of paper. "See, that’s, Daddy." I pointed to a slightly smaller figure on the paper. "And there you are, Mommy." And last I pointed to a small figure in between the other two. "And there's me." I smiled up at her.
"It is beautiful" She said kissing me on the forehead causing a strand of her black hair to fall in my face and make me sneeze. She laughed. You could tell she was a very happy person by how full her laugh was.
I hopped down out of her lap and ran to the other side of the room. "Mommy, look at how fast I can run."
She smiled "I see, now come here, Adonis, and wash your hands dinner is ready and your dad will be home soon."
"Yes Ma'am." I ran outside and pulled some water out of the well and brought it inside, sloshing it everywhere with every step. "Here, Mommy. I brought the water."
Though the bucket was half way full by the time I got it to her, but she still smiled and said "Good job." I washed my hands in the water and just as I finished the door swung open.
My, Moms, green eyes shot to the door as my dad stepped in. "DADDY!" I yelled and ran to the gold eyed man.
He hefted me up onto his shoulders. "Hey, Adonis, did you take care of your mom while I was gone?" I nodded my head. "Good," He walked over to my mom and started to hand me to her but I grabbed onto his red hair with my hand.
"No, I want daddy to hold me."
He laughed. "I guess a little longer won’t hurt." He put me back on his shoulder just as there was a bang on the door.
The expression on my mom’s face went from happy to terrified. "Mommy, what’s wrong?" I said running to her as my dad put me down.
"Nothing, Adonis." She said picking me up quickly. But I knew something was wrong. I could feel her heart beating fast. "Magnus, who is it." My mom whispered shakily. He looked threw a small hole in the door and his eyes went wide.
He walked over to us. "Cura, I need you to take, Adonis, and run. Now."
My mom nodded and headed for a door around back but before she opened it she peeked out and ran back. "I can't."
He looked back. "Why?"
"There are people there."
"No, how could he know?"
“Mommy what's going on" I asked scared.
"Don't worry, sweetie, it will all be okay." She hugged me tightly and kissed my head.
"What are we going to do?" She looked at my dad frightened.
"Hide Adonis in the closet. I’ll open the door and you run. Run as fast as you can."
"No buts.” he cut her off and took me out of her arms and kissed her on the cheek." I love you, always remember that, no matter what happens. Now go." She nodded her eyes full of tears and ran out the back as my dad set me down in a closet "Now, Adonis, I need you to be as quiet as possible okay?" I nodded and he shut the door.
"Brother, what business do you have here?"
"You know my business ,brother." He sneered.
"What are you talking abo-"
"I know you had a son by a human woman. Where is he!" The man’s voice was full of rage.
"I don't understand. Who told you this?"
"Well, it was a hunch until my men caught this."
I heard the sound of my mom being dragged in
"No!" My father yelled, "Please don't hurt her"
I couldn't contain my fear I had to do something. I jumped out of the closet and ran to my mother who was tied up on the floor. "Mommy." I ran over to her crying.
"Adonis no!" My father shouted. Someone grabbed me and held me tight.
"So this is my half breed nephew." A man who looked like my father said with disgust. "I bet he has no dragon in him...I tell you what, I will spare the boy if he proves he can do something." The smiled evilly.
"He's only two! How can he show power at that age?!"
"Maybe motivation." The man said with a terrible smile. He nodded his head towards my mother, and a man drew a knife to her throat.
"No!" My father screamed.
"Her fate is in your hands boy. Can you save your mother?" The man whispered in my ear.
"I'm trying!" I screamed. And I was. I tried with all my might, but I didn't know what to do.
“Well too bad boy." He nodded his head again and the man holding my mother plunged a dagger into her heart.
"NOOO!" My father screamed and ran to her. "What have you done?!" He yelled rage filling him. But all I saw was my mother, dead on the floor, a pool of blood surrounding her. "Mommy." I mumbled, when the situation finally sank into my brain. I screamed and fire erupted in every direction. The man holding me gasped. "How!"
The fire raged for as long as my scream held. But when I finally stopped so did the fire.
My father looked at me stunned tears in his eyes. "There you have it brother. You gave your word you would spare him if he showed any power. So, how's that for can do what you want with me. But a dragon always keeps his word."
I suddenly bolted upright in a cold sweat. I looked around and realized it was a dream, no not a dream...a memory. I suddenly felt a strong hate towards my uncle, the man I had been trying to please my whole life, had taken my mothers. Not only that, he lied to me. He told me she got away that she was alive somewhere.
Heat filled my body, and I was filled with such rage that I stood up in one swift movement and hit the tree I had been leaning against with all my might, picturing my uncle’s face in its place. This of course got the attention of my companions who came running over.
Xander ran up sword drawn ready to fend off whatever was attacking. "What's going on, what happened?
I allowed the anger to mostly leave me before I talked.
I shrugged, "I got mad and hit the tree."
Bly looked behind me at the tree with wide eyes. "How mad were you? You punched the tree in half."
I looked at the tree that lay splintered on the ground in front of me. "Huh, guess I did. So now that we are all up, let’s get this over with and get to the land of pointy-eared people."
Bly glared at me "We are called Elves. Please don't call us ‘pointy-eared people.’ It is very insulting."
I saw Xander out of the corner of my eye, holding in a laugh. "So, are you going to show us your grand display of turning into a dragon?"
I could tell by the look in his eyes he really wanted to see me do it. I sighed "Alright," I closed my eyes and concentrated. My body started to feel hot and I suddenly felt heavier. I felt my bone structure changing and my skin turning into scales. It isn't the most pleasant experience one can have.
My body finally stopped shifting and I opened my eyes and looked at my companions, they looked shocked. "What," I whispered into their minds seeing as they wouldn't understand the grunts and roars I would make if I tried talking normally "Never seen a dragon transform from human form to dragon form?"
Xander looked at me and said, "Well of course not, but also, I thought you were a red dragon."
Bly nodded in agreement.
I sighed “Oh, that...well you see I’m part human and I guess as a side effect of that I kind of change color with emotion." I hated telling people that, cause then they can pretty much read me like an open book.
"Oh, really?" Xander said mischievously.
"Interesting." Bly said, looking like she was deep in thought.
"Okay, enough wasting time, get on and tell me the way."
"Right." Bly said coming out of her thoughtful look and climbing onto my back.
"So," Xander said as he followed, Bly, onto my back "I'm guessing red is mad cause of the situations we have been in when you were a dragon. So," He flashed a smile "What is pink." He laughed
"Oh, shut up, Xander, if you must know it’s embarrassed. I don't like turning into a dragon at will, because you can see what I'm feeling so therefore I get embarrassed, especially since the color is pink, I mean why couldn't it be grey or something."
Xander laughed at my discomfort.
"Okay, that's it." I took off spiraling straight up into the sky causing, Xander, to nearly fall off “So, which way, Bly?"
"Straight." She pointed straight ahead of us. I flew straight for a minute or two till Bly said "Alright, now left." I turned left and flew on. A few more minutes flying till she said "Okay, now turn right and fly about one hundred meters, then land "
I did what she said and, as soon as they were off my back I transformed back into a human.
I looked at Bly just as the last bit of sunshine faded, "We're here."