Friday, May 17, 2013

Anakis (Part 5)

      I had just finished giving Percy a final examination when I saw a lion behind the boy's tent.   I was quite surprised and almost screamed, but then I realized it was Prid.
      "What's wrong?" I asked.
      He looked at me with big sad eyes.   "Why do think?" he said, in a growling, lion-like voice.
      "Is it because you just found out I was a fairy?" I asked.   He nodded.
      I sighed.   "Prid, I didn't tell you because I wanted to know you better first.   I wanted to make sure that you could keep a secret before I told you anything.   No one really is supposed to know."   I played with my wing, a nervous habit.
      "But I told you everything!   My past, my present, my future!   I escorted you here!    I cried my eyes out  about my uncle to you!   I thought I...loved you.   And, by your lies, I don't think I do anymore!" he shouted.
      My eyes filled with tears.   This couldn't be happening.   He loved me, but not anymore.   I felt my heart break inside me as Kaymele came behind the tent.
      "Prid, there's someone here to see you," she said, not at all startled at his lion form.   "She says she's your sister."
      "My sister?" he said as he transformed back to a human.   "I don't..."
      "Prid!"   I was angry now.   He got mad for me keeping secrets, and now he suddenly has a sister?
      "But I don't have a sister!" he told Kaymele.
      My eyes were so full of tears I could hardly see.     I quickly left before anyone could notice.
      Natia sat on a bench talking with Percy.   "Natia, we need to talk," I told her.   She bid Percy farewell and followed me to the healing tent.   Adonis was in there, but Natia led me to a corner and told me to sit.
      "Now," she said when I was settled, "what's wrong now?"
      I opened my mouth to speak, and burst into tears.   Between sobs, I told her the whole story.   Adonis looked at us funny but said nothing.
      "Let's go see this 'sister'," said Natia.
      We looked around outside.   There was Prid, and a girl who looked nothing like him.   "Maybe he doesn't have a sister," said Natia.
      Just then, Prid and the girl looked towards us.   "Are these your friends, Prid?" asked the girl.
      Prid looked at me.   He sent me a message with his eyes.   I'm sorry, his eyes seemed to say.   I didn't know about her.
      "It's okay," I told him, so quietly only he could hear me.
      "I'm Natia and this is Anakis," said Natia.
      The girl smiled.   She had light brown hair and blue eyes.   "I'm Lani.   I'm Prid's half sister."   Her face became more serious.   "We had the same mother."
      "Would you like to meet the others, Lani?" asked Natia.   Lani nodded, and they left Prid and me alone.
      "I'm so sorry," said Prid.   I shouldn't have reacted that way."
      "It's fine.   Really," I said.
      He smiled.   "So does that mean we're friends again?" he asked.
      I smiled back.   "Of course."   But by the way he looked at me, I had a feeling we were so much more.

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