Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Felix {part 6}

he didn't understand it. 
Curse the Archery captain. 

the clatter of the wine filled goblet filled the throne room as Felix stood from his throne to begin another pacing regimen. 
"the man I seek, is the man I- no, that was wrong, The man for whom I hunt is always the man I...." his head was swimming with too much wine, a bad choice when trying to unpuzzle a riddle. 
He couldn't think straight, and Andromeda had left, left with that mermaid captive, and he hadnt gotten the chance to so much as discuss this with her. 
He sat back down in the throne, and took a deep breath. he had to concentrate, focus his thoughts. 
Closing his eyes, he raised his face towards the roof, but only swirling darkness came. No thoughts would come. 
It was as if his mind was gone. 
Blast it all. 
he repositioned his crown as two of his soldiers left their posts outside the door, and rushed forward, their hands on their swords, searching for an enemy. 
"At ease" Felix waved his hand, and cringed inwardly at the slurring of his voice. 
The looked at each other uncomfortably and bowed, "My king?" 
They were just boys, had to be nearer fifteen than twenty, How long had it been since he was that age? 
With his mind all foggy, he couldn't remember exactly how old he was...Maybe Andromeda- oh. right. she wasn't here. 
He realized they were still bowing on one knee, looking towards him expectantly and he motioned for them to stand. 
"You, on the...right? yes, right. tell me, who do I hunt?" 
"Tell me! it's a simple question, list everyone I hunt" Felix slumped in his throne like a discontented child and mumbled about simpletons. 
"w-well....Y-your enemies, your h-highness...are, uh, many...." The guard looked to his companion who nodded. 
"my enemies are many...true. there are many people I hunt, and that's the problem!" Felix slammed his fist into the arm rest, causing both boy guards to jump. 
"And I hunt whom I hunt, and I seek those I seek, so it makes no sense whatsoever" With a sigh and a flick of his hand, his dismissed them, and they both scuttled out as if relieved. 
He heaved a deeper, sob tinted sigh and lowered his crowned head into his hands. 
Why didn't that Greven man have any relations he could torture to prompt the man to speak? An orphan who had been found in the stables, He had seemed a good, unattached ally at that time. 
but unattatchment was proving to be a double edged blade. 
Felix reached for the bottle of wine, his third, but found it swiped away from his fingers. 
He looked up expectantly, thinking of his Andromeda, but found himself looking into another face. 
"Oh, Malum, it's you. I did not hear your entry announcement" 
The dragon lifted the bottle, peering at the red liquid through the green glass with his good eye. 
"I came in while you were making an oaf of yourself in front of your guards" 
If he wasn't so drunk, he'd had the dragon thrashed for that talk, but, perhaps it was best he was drunk and wouldn't have to excite the wrath of the Dragon Ruler. 
"Glad to know your feelings, Malum. are you any good at riddles, by chance?" 
Dragons lived a long time, surely this particular foul mannered one had gained done super deriddling powers through his years. 
"No" Malum set the wine bottle down, but out of Felix's reach, while simultaneously dashing the drunken king's hopes 
"than what good are you doing, standing there, you overgrown lizard?" 
Felix again lowered his head, and therefore didn't see the rage in the dragon's eyes at being called a lizard. and an overgrown one at that. 
And Malum did a decent job at keeping his voice level, despite the fact that he'd live nothing more than to strangle this human right now. 
He only worked with him because Andromeda, he feared her, what soul in their right mind didn't? 
"The Ceridwen girl is being troublesome" 
"oh, really? well, thank you for alerting me Malum" Felix looked up just slightly, "I don't care" 
"Than, you give me leave to bring her to her knees in humility before you?" Malum leaned forward, setting hus hand on the throne's armrest, close enough for Felix to smell the smoke scent wafting off of him. 
Andromeda smelled like smoke too, but more of the smoke of burned incense instead of the woodsy, choking smell of the dragons. 
"I said I did not care, do as you please, just don't kill her. We need her alive" 
Felix waved his hand at the dragon, who smiled. 
it wasn't much of an improvement, but oh well. 
"Thank you, good king" 
Malum left, and Felix had to wonder if the tone had implied sarcasm on the 'good king' part. 
No, not another blasted riddle. 
"I hate riddles, I should have outlawed them" he groaned as his head, which was beginning to throb, was lowered back into his hands.

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