Monday, November 25, 2013

Prid (Part 5)

   My world is over.
   My life is done.
   She was everything to me.
   I don't remember anything good without her.
   She was my soul.

   But I can't do this anymore.
   Anakis wouldn't want this.
   She'd want me to stop, be the warrior she knows I could be.

   When I look back on it now, I have been weak.
   Anakis was always the strong one.
   She was the one that was there for  me.
   I won't be like that anymore.

   I can't be like that anymore.

   I'm not going to be like I was before.
   Love is nothing to me now.

   I feel it hard to speak to anyone anymore.
   Lani feels horrible about it.
   I don't know what to tell her, what to say.
   Anything I would say would just confirm my darkest suspicions:

   Andromeda has taken not only Anakis, Nairi, and Kaymele, but our hearts as well.

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