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Felix {part 5}

Felix sunk into his throne, and massaged his temples as he did.
"Idiots....the lot of them. All idiots"
Andromeda came behind him, and massaged his shoulders, her dark hair falling over his shoulder as she leaned her head near his. "You have no need to worry about them, anymore, my love"
It was true, the execution of all those who had let the Ceridwen siblings slip through their fingers had been swift, and it did give his ill mood some balm.
"What of Greven? Do you think he was in league with Captain Bolivar, my love?"
Andromeda pondered his question, but as her rosy lips parted to answer, the door burst open roughly, in the throne room, there was no privacy.
"My King!" A guard bowed quickly. his dark blond hair was plastered to his head as if the guardsman had been plowing twenty acres of rocky soil.
"The dragon Lady Andromeda sent out has returned"
Felix felt Andromeda stiffen, but not with apprehension. His lady love's pets rarely failed in their duties for her.
"And? Has my dragon caught it's quarry?"
She spoke, and her hands rested on Felix's shoulders.
"Well, my lady, I don't know what the beast was sent for, but he did return with an Elf, if that is what you sought for him to do"
Felix gripped his throne's arms, and failed so suppress the pleased grin. "Then bring our captive in, soldier! But do be careful with her, we cannot have Lady Bly injured any further"
The guard looked puzzled, "sir, it isn't a lady, but a man"
Andromeda hissed softly in aggravation, but Felix patted her hand, perhaps their cause wasn't yet undone.
"Then my orders still stand. Lead the elf in"
The man bowed, and exited, returning quickly with three other soldiers, towing a rebellious looking Elf between them.
The captive looked beaten, and worn, a fire kindled behind his dark eyes, a sort of righteous anger that caused something within Felix to quiver. But he silenced that part by reminding himself who sat upon the throne, and who was being bound in chains.
"So, who might I have the honour to address on this eve?" Felix spoke, and waved the guards aside. The elf was dumped before his throne, and his chains clunked against the tiled flooring.
Andromeda flitted around to stand in front of their prisoner, and the Elf's eyes sharpened.
"I see you recognize me, Thalion of Voronwë" her voice was cold, chilling, and Felix thanked the stars she was on his side.
"You've changed your appearance, Andromeda of the Land across the seas, and you've grown to be more than a simple nobleman's secret lover, I see" the elf spoke without fear, and Felix watched with interest the interaction between the two.
The guards were dismissed, and Andromeda knelt in front of the Elf, Thalion. Her hand tilted his chin up, and she spoke in a soft hiss, "indeed I have. The last time we met, it was by accident of my own. I hadn't meant to show myself to the Elves attending Adan's wedding. But look now, Thalion, look at whose mistake brings about our second meeting"
Thalion remained unfaltering, Felix had to hand that to him. The elf glared back at Andromeda, before speaking in soft, yet deadly tones, "You think you can hide your intentions from me, Andromeda. But I am not my sister" both Andromeda and Felix looked surprised at this good stroke of luck "yes, Bly is my little sister. I can see that evil dark heart that swirls like dark oil within you" the elf's eyes narrowed, "know this, you 'royal' scum, evil only lasts for some time before good overcomes it"
Felix stood to his feet, but he wasn't needed, Andromeda slapped their 'guest' with a flame tinged hand, leaving a burnt mark on the elf's tanned cheek.
"Speak to me anyway you desire, Thalion. But speak not of the King in such ways, or I will kill you as I stand and use your guts for bait"
Felix wasn't completely sure they weren't going to do that anyway, but there was no need to tell this brother of Bly their plans in full.
The guards were again summoned, and as Thalion was being hefted out, his voice came back to them, "Enjoy your power and the free reign to do evil, Felix! As you sit, throwing tantrums over escaped prisoners, Adan's heir has joined the fight against you. Adan's descendant will come to claim his right and his throne, and you will be the one whose head is removed!"
The doors shut behind him, and Felix was still silent. Adan's Heir? He should have known allowing that nanny to escape with Adan's son was a mistake. How old would his nephew be? Nearing forty? Fifty? Still younger than Felix, but not all that young either.
But Thalion hadn't said Adan's son would be returning....
As if Andromeda heard his thoughts, she spoke, "perhaps it is not the son of your brother that threatens us, my love"
Felix nodded, and worked his jaw in agitation, "indeed. It could very well be my nephew's son".


Felix paced his chambers while a solitary candle burned low as the night passed him by.
He was too old to spend nights without sleep. the spells Andromeda had put on him to slow his aging were wearing off, and a more lasting solution was needed.
But it wasn't thoughts of his age finally being its catching up to him, the wrinkles forming about his face, the way his bones felt achy and sore so often these days.
Nor was the occupier of his thoughts Andromeda, though she did hold them so frequently.
It was his brother's offspring.
"What was the child's name....I'm growing forgetful....Cyril, it was Cyril, was it not?" He poured himself another goblet of wine, and walked to the open window where night air breezed through.
"Or was it Veyhirön? No, no....that's what his mother called him, some sort of damned Elvish version of his name" he wanted to throw the wine glass, but feared awakening Andromeda. She slept so restlessly these days as it was.
"Cyril....what have you done all these years? Worked your way into the Revelin base? Risen in their ranks? Trained leagues to be devoted to you? Do you yet live? What of your children? I suppose you must have a son, is he the commander of his men's hearts?" His grip on the goblet tightened. "Did you tell him stories upon your knee about how you would remove your wicked uncle from rule?"
He slammed the gold cup down on the table, creating more noise than he desired.
"And you have Captain Bolivar steadfast on your side, I can only assume"
Losing Xander Bolivar had been sour, not many of his men were as devoted to their job, nor had any other man held the courageous hearts of his men like Bolivar.
The very idea that the once loyal captain was aiding his brother's heir was infuriating.
"I will hang them both, side by side" his voice was a low growl, and he continued to glare at the wall.
And so was how he spent his evening, cursing the man who would fight for his crown, and the one who no doubt aided him.
The possibility that they were one and the same never crossing his mind.


Morning dawned prematurely. A fine fog had come from seaward, making the air heavy and mysterious. Felix had come to a decision in the fleeting hours of the night.
If his nephew, or his nephew's son, planned to attack, Felix wanted the upper hand.
He would have to attack first.
His soldiers had been summoned, the forces that idled around Aragathia revived.
He now addresses them, telling them of all the glories a simple soldier can gain from just returning from battle victorious and honoured.

Of course, most of it was lies, but the soldiers, proud, ready to become something great, need not know that.

Andromeda had summoned her dragons, and they quivered in the outer ring, their dark eyes filled with the desire for a fight. They wanted blood, and Felix planned to give it to them.

A shout arose from the men as Felix finished his glorified speech of lies, and the dragons rose up on their hind legs, blasting flames into the air, filling the city with the smell of brimstone.

None of the townspeople had ventured out of their homes on this ominous day, soldiers filled every corner, and dragons lumbered in the streets. Some said the shadows even appeared to be moving, as if dark, hidden creatures lurked in them.
And more than one report of a death hound was acknowledged.

Felix beamed with pride as he watched his army move out, and Andromeda came to his side. Her dark hair blew in a nonexistent breeze, fanning out behind her as if it had a will of it's own.
Her violet eyes sparked with a strange light, and she laid her hand on his shoulder.
"I ride with them, my love. I have scores to settle in Revelin, and quarry I couldn't bear to see mishandled".
He nodded once, and kissed her lips, warm with the fire kindling within her, as it did whenever her interest was peaked.
Or whenever she was at her most cruelest.
"Be safe, my Right hand, I wish that I could join you, but as it is..."
He couldn't finish that, he couldn't bring himself to say he felt tired, worn, old.
That he would be a cumbersome fighter, and for once, his age was showing.
She smiled, and behind them a smoke figure materialized. It appeared half dragon, half dark storm cloud.
"Fear not, Felix. If I succeed, and I will, you shall have many battles, and victories to claim as a young, rejuvenated man".

And she was gone, striding her smoke dragon, and her air that of a wild warrior woman.

Felix smirked, and crossed his arms over his chest, With Andromeda leading his forces towards Revelin, there was no possibility of a defeat.

SO! I decided to get this little battle started. And I know the last part was a bit vague, but I purposefully made it that way. ;)
But there ya are. Let the fight begin, and may the odds, be evah in your favah.

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