Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Prid (Part 4)

     I lay in my cot, trying to sleep.   I was still thinking about Anakis.   How could she?   After all I did for her, she still didn't trust me with her race.   After I told her about my childhood.   After I promised to escort her to the rebel base.   After I cried my eyes out about my uncle in front of her.   I didn't get it.
     I rolled over.   Tears ran down my cheeks.   I loved her.   I really did.   But, if she was going to keep secrets from me...
     Adonis walked into the tent.   I quickly wiped the tears away with my blanket.   Adonis took one look at me and scowled.
     "What are you worried about?" he asked.
     I sighed.   "Did you know that Anakis is a fairy?"
     "She is?" he said, uninterested.
     "Yes, and I didn't know until I saw her healing Nairi."
     "How did she heal her?   With herbs?"
     "No.   With Jumal Maagiline."
     "What on earth is that?"
     "God Magic."
     Adonis scoffed.   "That's ridiculous.   You're telling me that God gave the kid magic to heal Nairi?"
     "Come see for yourself."   I gestured towards the healing tent.
     We snuck outside.   When we arrived at the opening, Adonis peered in.   He took one look and jumped back.
     "Woah," he said.   "Were they glowing with..."
     "Jumal Maagiline?   Yes."

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