Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a word from Xander and Bly about technical things they don't understand

She looked nervous, but, of course she was, she had been asked (ordered, rather. Lithonien wouldn't be happy to hear of her being ordered to do something like this) by her Author to aid the mystery people of what was to take place in a few short days, and, she truly was a bit confused by the whole thing herself.
But Xander was here, his fingers entwined with hers as he sat by her side, surely he knew more about this than she did.  She exchanged a glance with him that left her less assured in that fact.
"So, it has come to our attention, or rather, to the attention of our writer, that..." Bly trailed off, and again looked up at Xander, who smiled encouragingly and picked up where she had left, "There seems to be this device called 'google friend connect' that will be reaching the end of it's....lifetime?"
Bly bit her lip, "It was not under my impression that it was alive to begin with, perhaps...more like...the end of it's..." she sighed, "We'll just stick with lifetime"
Xander nodded and cleared his throat before continuing, "So, it is ending, and, apparently mystery people use it to watch us"
"thats eerie" Bly shivered, and Xander nodded gravely, "how do they constantly see what we are doing? I find it disturbing.  What if they were to leak our plans to Felix?"
Bly's eyes grew wide with fright, "Would they do that?"
"We can only pray that Yahweh holds the Author back from such actions"
There was a moment of silence as they took in what a threat these people could be be, these strangers in the sky who read of their every move.
"Where we we?" Xander spoke first, and it prompted a smile, even a hesitant one, from Bly, "I think we were at...oh, we were at the part right before we said..." she frowned, "I'm not entirely sure"
Xander laughed this time, "Very well, than, I shall skip ahead and hope we don't miss any details.  From what has been explained to me, and, you must understand, it was scarce, as the Author mentioned something about 'destruction of the time line' and, some weird words like 'wibbily wobbily' and said if she explained too much, it would ruin the Aragathian time era, but, that is also puzzling to me"
Bly nodded in quick agreement, it was all rather complicated. What did the words 'wibbily wobbily' mean? She should see, later, if Lithonien had come upon such terms in his studies.
"I went off on a rabbit trail again, pardon, but, from what I understand, this Google Friend Connect device is dying, and that, with it's demise, you Mysterious ones will lose the ability to follow our lives"
He mumbled something under his breath, but even Bly didn't entirely catch what it was he said.
"And, the Author wanted us to help you to awareness of a new device, or...was it new, Bly? Or was it simply undiscovered?"
"I think it was discovered, just not often used, that is, if my understanding is to be trusted" Bly spoke now, gripping Xander's hand as she did, "I believe it was called Bloglovin, which, is confusing, what is a blog?"
"Yes, we know what loving is"
Bly pushed Xander's shoulder gently, her face heating up to the tips of her pointed ears, and pleading under her breath for him to remain discreet.
She seemed to have problems focusing her thoughts after that, and so Xander took over, still grinning from his remark, "The Authoress said something about, to the right, on the sidebar, and around the Google friend connect gadget.  her message must have been in strange code for you Mystery People, since I literally do not understand a word of it.  What and where is a sidebar? How could the blogloving be near the Google friend connect? I don't understand, and frankly, I am not going to try to.  I have other things, like, how I will possibly bring about my great uncle's demise to think on"
"Thats awkward, to think Felix is your great uncle" Bly's voice was barely above a whisper, as it seems she was still recovering from her embarrassment.
"No more awkward than your older brother being madly in love with my grandmother" Xander looked down at her, and Bly had to smile.
Elvish time lines were all very complicated in the long wrong, they weren't at all normal.
Your brother could easily have been young and alive during the time your true love's grandmother was still a maiden unwed.
It was, when one thought about it...
all so...

wibbily wobbily.

{Note from Author:
Bly and Xander did try their best, but I fear they probably didn't understand enough of their topic to make their point come across clearly, so, i shall speak in simple, short terms for you.
1-Google Friend Connect, the thing you all use to follow this, and probably every other blog you are interested in, is going away monday.
2-But, never fear, for like a valiant knight, bloglovin is prepared to rescue us all!
3- If you are interested in following Incantevole Tales via bloglovin (of course you are), than look to the right for a little blue gadget.
4- do be a dear and click it.
5-otherwise, Adonis might be angry at losing followers.
6-and thats never good.}


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