Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bly {Part 8}

"Today is the last day the Voronwë army will remain in the city. As soon as the sun rises in the morning, they shall march. Xander rides with my people, and Lithônien has informed us that he too plans on taking sword and fighting. I know that it has nothing to do with him feeling as if were his duty to help fight evil as much as it is he is seeking revenge for our brother.
I pray to Yahweh that Thalion yet lives, but I fear I must prepare myself for the worst.
Mother is distraught, and Father is staying behind to care for her, but as a councilman, he cannot risk death in fighting.
This world I once looked upon as full of wonder and delight has suddenly turned darker, my childlike eyes have been opened, and I see now that every cloud might have it's silver lining, but it also has it's dark rumblings.
Should my brother and Xander, whom I love and yet cannot confess my feelings for, do not return, I do not know how I will continue. I desire this war to end, so none may die, however, I desire more that it had never started, and so Tenzin and Thalion would both be safe, and whole"

She closed her little leather book, and set it on a shelf near the little writing table, and stopped up her ink well before rising and shaking out her blue skirts.
She wanted to find Xander, but if she spoke with him now, it would only make the parting in the morning come harder.
She realized the house was quiet, and she left her room. Her Mother was no where to be found, and so Bly decided to head towards the stables. Ciar and Rudy had been left primarily on their own since Bly had brought Xander to them. However, when she reached the place they had been housed, she was told that they had been moved to the palace where they had been given individual stables. She thanked the stable hand, and strolled idly through the streets. She was acknowledged by her people, a bow of the head, and the honored title of Lady Ambassador spoken in reverent tones as she passed.
How had so much changed in such short time? Mere months ago, she had just been Tenzin's lowly apprentice, hardly noticed, like a shadow. And now, her people honoured her, bowed their heads to her, and halted in whatever duty they were busy in as she passed, continuing it only when she was out of sight.
She continued walking until she found herself standing on the shores of the bay, staring out into the shining waters with the gentle lapping of the waves upon the rocks easing her soul.
"As it seems you aren't going to acknowledge my presence, I suppose I'll just go" she jumped as Xander's voice teased her from behind, and turned quickly, tucking a strand of blond hair behind her ear as the wind snatched at it.
"I do beg forgiveness, M'Lord" she colored in a soft blush, and watched in dismay as Xander's smile weakened.
"I really do wish you'd drop the formality, Bly"
"I, I'm sorry..." She clenched her hands in front of her at her waist, and looked down at her boots.
There was a silence between them for a moment, and then Xander pulled her into his arms, holding her close in one precious moment. Her heart fluttered as he kissed the top of her head, and continued to hold her.
The wind blew around them, and her long hair was played with the impish fingers of the wind, and she shivered slightly. Though, more from a rapture of sudden joy than actual cold.
Finally, Xander tilted her chin upwards to look at him, and she blushed a rosy pink, realizing their closeness.
"Don't ever be sorry, Bly. I love you as you are, everything about you is beautiful, even that color tinting your face; in fact I could kiss you right now, but I'm not entirely sure if that's the proper behavior for a heired King"
Bly blushed deeper, and looked back down, hoping to hide the rich red her face was turning. "Xander" how good it was to say his name again, the old familiarity between them returning. But no, it wasn't the same. It was different. It was a better feeling than what they had before, it wasn't just friendship, it was...more.
His fingers replaced the wind, and gently ran through her hair, "yes?"
She gripped his tunic, steeling herself, forcing courage, "Xander, I....I...you, you are....the way...." She closed her eyes tightly, "Xander I love you" her heart had been pounding in nervousness, but as the words left her tongue, she felt at peace, and as calm as one of the clouds above head that were beginning to be painted hues of red by the sunset.
For a moment, he was silent, and she began to feel worried, and looked up at him, only to find his green eyes already watching her.
He didn't need to speak, she could see it in them, his answer, his reply, his emotions were so clearly written in those perfect eyes, and yet he did.
"And Bly, you are my very life. I believe I have loved you since I first saw you in Felix's dungeon. I just didn't know I loved you yet. And each time I see you now, my heart aches to hold you. Each time I see you worry, I desire to fight your fears for you, and Bly....my beloved Bly..."
And then, he did kiss her, caring little for the ways a king, or prince, should act, he did kiss her right upon the shores of the Väneesë bay. And she was taken by surprise, but slowly kissed him back.
And she knew there would be no parting from him in that moment and for eternity.

Their moment broke quite suddenly, and was mainly caused by someone clearing their throat behind them, "I really do hate to break this intimate moment between the future King of Aragathia and my sister, but the said future ruler has been requested to join the troops for battle plans"  Lithônien stood a few feet behind them, his hands clasped behind his back, and his eyebrows arched in a manner that implied he wasn't entirely pleased with what he had witnessed.
Bly stepped away from Xander, and cast her eyes down to the ground, a blush deeper then all it's predecessors heating her face.  She had no words, not even an apology to her elder brother.  She wasn't sorry she had kissed Xander, though, Lithônien's manner suggested that perhaps she should be.
Xander nodded once at the head scholar, though Bly's downward gaze didn't catch it, and he took her hand gently.
"This might be goodbye until I return"
Bly looked up, and curled her fingers around his, bringing his hand close to her heart, "Don't be so dramatic, Xander" she forced a unsteady smile to her face, "Besides, I've decided, I'm going with you to Aragathia"
When she had decided that, she couldn't tell, it just seemed like the only option now.  There was no possible way she could stay behind in Voronwë, not knowing how he fared, or being there to take care of him if he needed her.
However, both Lithônien and Xander spoke at once, "No you are not" and both cast each other a certain look, that might have been humorous to Bly in any other time but now.
"I am, and neither one of you can change my mind" Bly lifted her chin in what she hoped looked like stubbornness.
"We can, however, lock you in your room like an ill behaved child.  You are a lady, and a young one at that.  A Battle is no place for you, Bly" Lithônien rolled his eyes, and began walking away.
"I am the only Ambassador Voronwë has, Lithônien!" Bly glanced towards Xander, pleadingly, and then back at the retreating form of her opposing brother.  "I must go, for the matters of state"
Lithônien didn't reply, but Xander smiled faintly, "she does have a point. If Voronwë will be in need of an ambassador, it would cause quite a loss of time to have to send for her"
Lithônien stopped, his hands clenching at his sides. 'he doesn't want me to go....though, in this matter, even as my eldest brother, he will not have a say'
Bly crossed her arms, trying to look taller, bigger, more important. "The Aragathian government will be starting anew, Lithônien. There will be treaties and politics; outside of the Councilmen, who cannot leave Voronwë in war times by oath, I am the only Elf equipped for such a task. I fear, this matter is outside of all of our hands. I am duty bound to go, and you have no right to interfere with this matter"
Oh how good it was to be a states person.
"Fine" Lithônien's reply was a low grumble, "But, you are also duty bound to remain safe. You must not come near the battle, but remain enough of a distance away to not be in harms way" Bly was giving herself a mental hug over her achievement, but her brother wasn't finished, "also, there will be a guard squad assigned to you. You are more than just a Ambassador's little pupil now, you are the sole ambassador and not to mention, Felix wanted you imprisoned for some reason. Your safety cannot be jeopardized"
She nodded quickly, being sure to appear perfect obliged to his demands.
Lithônien rolled his shoulders as if they ached, and started walking away again, not even bidding her a parting word.
Xander smiled, and took her hands quickly, he looked as if he wanted to say a million things, and yet, couldn't get a single word out.
"Y-you should probably go with him" she smiled at him, and brushed a dark strand out of his eyes. His hair was getting longer, and the slightly rough look fitted him.
"I suppose I should" his eyes bore into hers, and his voice lacked the conviction it should have held.
Bly giggled and shoved him gently, "Go, now. No reason to cause Lithônien further aggravation"
"Right" he cleared his throat and stood as bit taller, "I'll...I'll be going then..."
She waved as he ran off, a brilliant smile spreading over her lips.
How wonderful it was to be in love with him.
How wonderful it was to be loved by him.


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