Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Adonis (Part 5)

"I won't let you take her!" I shouted as I transformed and raced after the dragon who had just snatched Nairi up in its claws. My Uncle.  Why is he doing this? The dragons had maintained neutrality throughout the war? What could have changed?
"Adonis!" Nairi called out to me. The wind rushing over me was deafening.  I had never flown this fast in my life. But with all my speed, I still couldn’t catch my uncle before he thrust the cage door shut, imprisoning Nairi. I rammed my uncle with such force I nearly lost consciousness, and we went tumbling out of the sky towards the hard ground.
The impact of the earth against my back forced me back into human form. I leapt up onto my feet intending to fly up and destroy the cage. I couldn’t let them take her again. A calm, cold voice from behind me paralyzed me mid leap "We meet again after all these years, Boy." His cold voice echoed in my mind, awakening all the anger, all the hatred, all the pain I had ever felt because of this one man.  It seemed to flow through my body straight to my fist and I lobbed a huge ball of fire straight at him.
 He dodged just in time and laughed, "Foolish boy, you think you can beat me do you? You think that just because you are older you have the power to defeat me? You, the child of a human, a disgrace to the dragons."
"Shut up!" I yelled, anger pulsing within me. "You have no right to talk to me. You, who lied to me all these years. You, who killed my parents for power. You, who cast me out and disowned me. And you have just made one of the biggest mistakes of your life."
"Oh, and what would that be, little nephew?"
"That Uncle, is you have just taken the one thing I care about, the one thing I cherish, the one thing I love in this world anymore and thrown her in a cage to be taken away for whatever reason, and I will not let you off for that!" As soon as I said the words I knew they were true. Nairi really was that important to me, and the thought of having her hurt anymore made me furious.
My Uncle laughed, "You have feelings for the little Ceridwen girl? That is so...weak." He looked at me with such cold eyes that it was hard to believe he was actually my father’s brother, that he was related to me in anyway.
"Uncle Malum, I will not let you take anything important to me ever again." As the last word escaped my lips we were suddenly dragons once again charging each other. It seemed like we fought for hours I would knock him to the ground and he would do the same to me. Claws ripped through scales, teeth broke pierced flesh, and fire raged through the forest that we had landed in. With a stroke of luck I swung my claw and slashed a line from his brow to his cheek. Blood filled his left eye. In his moment of blindness I reared up and cut a deep gash in his underbelly with my other hand. He roared in pain and knocked me to the earth. The combination of my fatigue and the impact of my body slamming into the ground forced me back to human form.
"This," my Uncle rumbled, holding his injured eye shut. "Is where you will die, Nephew." He raised his claw to finish me, but there was a loud trumpeting roar from over where the battle between the rebels and the dragons was raging.
My Uncle looked at me, "You have lucked out today, boy. Next time I promise, you will not be so lucky." And with that he soared off. I watched him fly over to where the sorceress hovered. And there, next to her the floated that hideous cage. All I could think of in that moment, laying there out of breath, was that I had failed. I had failed at saving her. But also in that moment was the burning desire to get her back. No matter what I faced I would save her. I would save Nairi.

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