Monday, July 15, 2013

Anakis (Part 6)

   I awoke in a cold, dark cell.   One of my wings were throbbing, and my limbs were chained.   I gingerly touched the wing.   Broken, of course.   She looked about her.   There was Nairi, sharing a cell with her.   She too was chained up.
   "Nairi?" I whispered.   I didn't know her very well, and I was a bit frightened to speak.   "Where are we?"
   Nairi looked startled.   "You actually speak?"   I shot her a look.   "We were captured by Andromeda.   You were passed out the whole time."
   I seemed to remember a bit of something.   "Yes...something grabbed me and..."   I winced.   "It hurt my wing and broke it.   Did it get anything else?"
   Nairi nodded.   "It got Kaymele.   And me, obviously.   It does hurt.   They compleatly dug into all of our backs."   She stretched a bit, showing several deep wounds along her sholders.
   A sickening feeling came over me as I realized that Nairi and I were all alone, and Kaymele was nowhere to be found.   No one I really knew was there to comfort me.   I had no idea what would happen next.   I began to tremble.   "I feel quite worried."
   Nairi's brow furrowed.   "I am too.   Adonis must be sick with worry.   I hope he wasn't captured as well."   Nairi continued to ramble as I thought.
   Prid isn't really sane without me.    He gets all panicy.   I'm really all that he loves, and when I'm not there...oh, I shudder to think of it.    He must be going crazy.   When I finally tuned in to Nairi, I found that she felt the exact same way about Adonis.   I reached for her hand.
   "We must trust.   I'm sure they'll be alright."