Monday, November 5, 2012

Felix (part 3)

 Maps and charts littered the table before him, the dark form of the unknown woodland of Revelin taunting him on every page. Felix's forces that went into the twisted forest hardly ever came out again, and when they did, they were found naked and mad, screaming about the horrors within.

 Not even Andromeda's magic could see into the dark forest, and she was relunctant to send another creature after the carriers after the last had almost killed them. She had locked herself in her chambers claiming she needed to consentrate on finding a new plan. This was why he was surprised to see her barge into the room.

"They are on the move." His advisors didn't bother to object against her being in their secret meetings, knowing that Felix valued her opinions above all else.

"What? Where?"

Andromeda seemed to be in a trance, her eyes glazed and looking past Felix. The Advisors let her have ample room to get to the table and watched in facination as her hand hovered over the maps.

"There." Her hand rested on an area outside of the Revelin.

"There? Why would they trying going there?" Boldly asked an advisor.

 Felix studied the map. There was a post near there, too risky for them to cross. What were they doing? The only thing that way was...

"There trying to get re-enforcements, from the Elves."

"They would dare to travel that far? It's suicide!" said another.

"Then it'll make it all the more easier to catch them won't it? Get word out to our men in that area to look out for the refugees." Felix watched his advisors bow before leaving with their task.

 Andromeda was still standing with her hand over the map, eyes half closed. She began to sway with weariness and Felix caught her before she smacked her face on the table. Though she was light, Felix's aging muscles strained to carry her back to her chambers.

 How hard it must be for an elemental to live as a mortal, he pondered. To be limited, to be fragile, and for what? Him? A mere human?

 He looked down at the beautiful face that she had choosen for herself, worn from the sleepless nights of trying to help him.

"I don't deserve you."