Sunday, November 25, 2012

Prid (Part 3)


   I gathered my things up in my mane-fur bag.   I promised I wouldn't cry, but still the tears ran down my cheeks.   Linki told me that tomorrow was the day they were to bury my uncle.   I had to go.   My only relative was that day to be put under the ground.   Forever.   The dust turns to dust.   How could Jumal do this to me?   He let my friends and my relative die.   Is that any way to treat his follower and a servant of his army?   I put my bag on my back and began to leave, but when I turned, Anakis was standing there.
   "What are you doing?" she asked.   I looked at her, then I looked at my bag, and I felt so ashamed.   How could I be disloyal to the party here when Nairi was in this state and when I was needed to catch food?
   "I knew where you where going," said Anakis.   "Linki told me.   I just came to stop you."
   "My lady, I assure you I will not leave the camp at this dire time."
   "Then what were you doing?"
   "Doing what you said I was going to do.   But then I thought of the others here so I stopped.   I cannot leave.   It would be against Jumal's will for me to leave."
   "Then do tell...who is Jumal?"
   "He is the one true God of the universe.   I believe you call him Deus."
   "Ah, yes.   You believe in Deus, er, Jumal?
   "Yes, indeed!   Do you?"
   "Yes.   I do.   Even though the other Fairies said they believed and shun me, I still believe in Him."
   She stood.   "Look around you!   Look at Nairi!   She should have lost her arm, and maybe her life, but she is alive.   Look at you!   If you had not come with us, you would have died in that fire with your uncle, but you are here, alive and untouched by any flame.   Look at me!   The Fairies wanted to stone and kill me, but by the grace in Deus's heart, he told the Fairy Leaders to let me go.   And all those things wouldn't have happened if it were not for Deus's divine providence."
   I stood.   "But what of King Felix?   What is good about him?"
   She stared me in the eye.   "If Deus did not exist, neither would we.   King Felix is trying to kill us all, Prid. All of the rebels.   If Deus's hand were not over us, we would be in the ground with your uncle."