Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nairi (Part 4)

My arm felt heavy. I was vaguely aware of someone dabbing me with a wet rag. My throat felt dry. I didn't know who was tending to me but I really needed some water. "W-water," I managed to say in a hoarse whisper.
What is wrong with me? Why do I feel so heavy and tired? I had no idea when these questions would be answered, but right now all I wanted was something to drink. Then I felt something touch my lips and relief washed over me, my throat no longer dry.
Now that my throat was wet and I could think straight, I remembered what happened. All of it. Being attacked by the dragon men, Adonis coming to rescue me, and the sight of him filled with so much rage.
Was it because they attacked me? I wondered It couldn't have been. He wouldn't have been that mad just because I was hurt. That reminded me of the wound in my shoulder. My eyes opened as my body shot up, sending a jolt of pain through my shoulder. It was purplish blue and swollen with big bumps all over it. "Ew, Gross!" I yelled. Which made Anakis, who was on the other side of the room, yelp in fright and drop the bowl of herbs she had been mixing.
"Oh, I am sorry Anakis I didn't mean to scare you it's just," I looked at my arm "Eww." I said gesturing towards it.
Anakis stared at me looking surprised and relieved. "You're awake!" She yelled.
She didn't even bother to pick up the herbs she had dropped and came over to me and started looking me over. She just stared at me for the longest time, but then she sighed and hugged me,being careful to avoid my arm."I am so glad you are okay. You have been asleep for the longest time. I cannot even remember how long it has been...maybe a week. Well it doesn’t matter. What matters is you are awake." She smiled at me. "Are you in a lot of pain if so I can make something that will sooth the pain?"
I shifted only a little bit of weight onto it and felt a prick of pain go through my Body, but it wasn't enough that I should worry Anakis. As long as I didn’t move to much "No I am fine." I gave her an encouraging smile.
"Okay, as long as you are alright." She smiled and walked back over to her herbs. "Oh no." She looked slightly worried.
"What is it?"
"This mixture I was making had the last of my Moon Lilies.”
"Are they rare?"
"Oh, no." She laughed a little.
"Oh, then why is it a problem?"
"Well you see, they look very similar to another type of herb that is poisonous."
"Oh, I'm sorry I caused you to drop it."
She smiled "It is okay Nairi. I should be able to easily tell them apart. I have been handling herbs for a long time."
"Oh, okay." I smiled at her.
"Now," She said grabbing a basket."I will be back soon. You should try to rest." And with that she left.
I wasn't there for more than a few minutes when a man came in. "Ugh, I thought they would never leave,” A lanky blond man, which in my opinion looked like the stupidest man on earth, flounced in.
"Oh quit your whining, Unum. At least we are in." Another tall man this time with black hair, yelled, as he made his way into my room.
"Oh you are one to talk
Due. You were at there fuming about how no one ever left the room."
"Fuming is different then whining."
"I have to agree with Due. Fuming is different then whining." Another man strolled into the room, he had shaggy brown hair and had a small scar on his cheek.
"Oh you stay out of it ,
Trois, this is between me and Due," said Unum.
"I think you should just quit all your arguing and just get to work. Unless you want to make the boss mad." A man, taller then the others, strode into the room. He had unruly red hair, and the way he walked gave off the impression that he defiantly thought he was better then everyone else.
"Yes sir." They all said at once.
"I'm terribly sorry,
"You better be
, Trois."
"Um, excuse me." I said, I wanted to know who in Incantevole these people were. "Who are you people and why are you in my room?"
I suddenly found four surprised eyes staring at me. "Oh yeah, you." Unum said.
you idiot,"Due said hitting him in the back of the head.
"Sorry." He said
, looking dejected.
"Well, Missy," Ciphra started walking towards me. "We are are working for the king and are here to kidnap you."  At this words a million and one thoughts were running through my mind.
"Ciphra, why did you tell her? Now she is going to kill us or something." Due said looking at Ciphra accusingly.
"Idiot, do you think I would tell her if I did not think it wise. If you were closer you could see she is suffering from a terrible injury and probably isn't strong enough to do anything." He said looking like he was the smartest man in the world, which made me really hate him. But he was right I couldn't attack them, I was to
o weak.
"Oh, sorry."
"You better be." Ciphra said smugly. "So now to business." He said gagging me then throwing me over his shoulder. I winced because my arm felt like it was being ripped off the way he was letting it dangle.
"Alright, to the castle." was the last thing I heard before I blacked out from pain.
I woke in a damp dark place that smelled of mold and sweat.  I moved and the pain was so great I let out a whimper. "H-help." I managed to say.
"Sorry ,Girly,
” A deep male voice said through the darkness 'fraid you ain't gonna get much hep round 'ere. Da king don't really treat his prisoners kindly.  If ya know wat I mean."
"Cohortis! Stop being mean to the prisoners, I am sure they probably did nothing wrong. It is really barbaric to do this to these people."
"Hahaha, don't you be lettin da king 'ear you say dat."
"And if he does I could care in the least." The man who had come in sighed.
Why does he sound familiar?
"Anyway, I was told there was a new prisoner that needed food."
"Oh yea she be in dis cell. careful she don't bite ya." Cohortis  laughed.
"That is not funny in the slightest." I heard the cell door open."Blast, Cohortis I cannot see a thing in this dark place get me a lamp so I can give the poor girl her food without spilling the hot mess on her."
"Oh, fine, here."
It was suddenly so bright I couldn't see a thing. But my ears were just fine. I heard the man gasp.
"Cohortis," The man demanded. "Were did you find this girl."
"Well, I assumed she was kidnapped seein as da crew da King usually sends to kidnap people dropped her off."
"I will kill him! He broke his promise! He lied to me! He promised he would harm none of them! The lying fool! He will pay for this!" By now my vision had started to clear, and I really wondered why this man was so mad. But my question was answered before I regained my sight.
"Nuvole, what is wrong. What has gotten into you." At his name I let at a little gasp. I had now regained my sight and could see that it was my brother. Older, but still him.
"N-no, you can't be." I put the one hand I could move on my head and curled into a ball. "You died." I started to cry.
"Nairi, I-I'm sorry. I had to." I looked up at him. His face was a mixture of rage
, happiness, and sorrow. I saw tears streaming down his face.
"He said he would kill you, and everyone. I had to do what he said. I am so, so sorry." I stared at his face for a long time then hugged him tight.
"I forgive you." I said.
"Um, sorry to interrupt whateva dis is but um, uh."
"Cohortis, I am afraid I cannot let you go tell the king because I am going to take that joy for myself." With that Nuvole froze the prison guard. "Don't worry," He smiled at me "He won't die, he is just frozen. And I have to leave now." He let go of me." I have some busness I need to attend to with King Felix.  Listen
, if I do not come back to get you, rest assured I will do everything in my power to get some help and come back, okay." He kissed me on the forehead. "Don't worry.  No matter what I won't let him separate us that long again." And with that he left.
I found him. He is alive! Nuvole is alive! But he left, what if he doesn't come back? Shut up he will come back. He said he would, and I believe him.
I sat there and fell asleep with
memories of Nuvole and my parents, and unlike most prisoners fell asleep with a smile.