Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adonis (Part 4)

I rushed out of the barrier and ran as fast as I could through the forest. Being a dragon I could run incredibly fast in human form, but flying as a dragon is much faster. As soon as I made it to a clearing large enough, I changed. The 3 day journey it took us would now probably take me only a day, the perks of being a dragon.
I traveled forever only thinking of getting the medicine, and wondering if she was okay. She didn't deserve this. Her brother and her father were both dead, and now she was on the verge of death as well. I really wanted to rip the heads off those two dragons. I was going to make a special effort from now on. No one will ever hurt Nairi again.
I kept flying. Though I knew I was going really fast, it seemed I was taking way too long. I willed myself to speed up.
After what seemed like an eternity, I saw the gates of the camp. I landed and changed back into a human. I raced toward the infirmary. I burst through the door making Kaymele, Anakis, Natia, and Nithron jump three feet in the air. "A-Adonis your back." Anakis muttered.
"Yes, I am. And I brought the herbs. Here,” I threw the bag to her. “Make the medicine." She stumbled to catch it but immediately set to work making the remedy. "How has she been?" I asked, sitting down next to her.
"As good as someone who has that bad of an infection can be," Kaymele said. "She has been sleeping on and off, she hasn't talked, and she won't drink. I don't know why though."
I frowned. "That’s strange.” I looked at her. She was sweating terribly. I picked up a wet rag and was about to wipe her face with it when she rocketed away. "What-"
"See, she doesn't even want it to touch her." Kaymele said frowning.
I looked at Nairi. She looked about the same but then I saw it. "Hey, Nairi, can you tell me the name of your brother?" She looked at me like she didn't know what I was talking about. Heat started to rise in my chest. "Kaymele, has anything happened - anything at all - after we left?"
"Well, just one thing. Some guys came and tried to kidnap Nairi but they failed."
I got up and hit the wall. "Dang it! This isn't Nairi. She won't drink water, won't even let it touch her. She is a Ceridwen. Water would help her not hurt her. Those kidnappers, whoever they are, succeeded."
"Adonis," Kaymele sounded worried, "Nairi is right there. How could they have succeeded?"
"Ask her to talk," I snapped. "It won't sound like Nairi. She probably can't answer any questions about her past either. Try to force her to drink some water. I bet it will do something." I turned and glared at Nairi's imposter.
Kaymele got up and poured some water, careful not to let it touch her. "Nairi, can you drink just a little of this." She shook her head fiercely. "If it really is you, forgive me." She forced the water down her throat and Nairi screamed. But it was high pitched and almost inaudible. I covered my ears as the Nairi imposter evaporated.
"Well, has my point been proven?"
Everyone looked at me with stunned eyes. "So where have they taken Nairi then?" Nithron said thoughtfully.
"Most likely the castle," Kaymele said sharply.
I nodded. "And if she's hurt they’re all dead." I was mad. Really mad. I wanted to hit something desperately but knowing I would break something, I held back.
"And if she isn't treated soon sh-she could die," Anakis mumbled.
"Okay, I'm going to go get her." I started for the door but felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Adonis, we are all worried, but don't be rash. It would be suicide to take on that army alone without a plan."
"Your point?" I said sarcastically.
He sighed, "My point, Adonis, is-" He was cut off by the sound of wolves…No not wolves...death hounds. I ran outside the gates and saw a pack of death hounds surrounding two figures. One was a man who had obviously made some archers very angry, and there, laying on the ground beside him was...NAIRI.

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