Saturday, February 23, 2013

Natia (Part 4)

     "Natia, please listen to me!"
     I blinked.   Was someone talking to me?   Sure enough, Anakis was staring at me pleadingly.
     "Natia, I need you to tend to Percy while I try to take care of the others."
     "Okay," I replied.   What others?
     "Wake up, Natia!" yelled Anakis.   "I have to take care of the others.    It's extremely urgent."
     "Fine," I said, crawling out of my warm cot.   "I'll watch Percy."
     I walked over to the wounded tent.   Percy, who was feeling a bit better, sat up on his cot.
     "Hello, Natia," he said when I walked in.
     "How do you fare now, Percy?" I asked.
     "Much better, m'lady.   Anakis says that I have a slight infection, and that I shouldn't use my arm until it's completely healed."   He glanced toward Nairi's cot.   "I can tell you who does not fare well."
     "Oh, Anakis will have her fixed up in no time," I told him.   Anakis was already preparing to heal Nairi.   I had to try and keep Percy calm.
     Now, Anakis was glowing, full of Deus, and Percy was frightened.
     "Wh-what's happening to her?" asked Percy.
     "Um, nothing.   She's just, um, healing Nairi.   That's all, Percy.    That's all."
     Percy, still frightened, said he was going to lay down.   I didn't blame him.   I sat at the end of his cot and watched Anakis.
     Just then, Prid walked into the tent.   Anakis, startled, stopped glowing with Deus.
     "What is going on?" asked Prid, rather suprised.   He stared at her wings.
     "It's not what you think," said Anakis.   She glanced at Nairi, who was moaning on her cot.   "Please let me finish.   She's in pain."
     Prid, still in shock, left the tent without a word.

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