Monday, February 18, 2013

Andromeda (part 3)

She stared into the flames before her, a soft kindling anger stirring deep inside her dark soul.
The elvish girl had escaped, and now the Ceridwen was frozen deep in the dungeon prison.
She slammed her fist into the armchair and began pacing, her dark gown trailing behind her.
It would take weeks to thaw the ice, and that would be concentrating on just one of the souls. She needed the others as well.
She halted her frusterated pacing, and trailed her fingers in the orange flames in the large fireplace.
It was time to take action.
If the people of Revelin wanted a battle, they'd give them one. She and Felix would give them a battle they never forgot. Their children's children would suffer from the effects.
She walked to the window, and stared towards the west, the land beyond the sea, the land of her home.
She was the last of her kind.....she was alone.
Of course, she had Felix, but it was a lonely prospect to be the last of your own race.
She was deep in her own thoughts, her flaming memories of the scuffle that drove the mages to leave their land.
She didn't notice Felix enter the room until his arms had slipped around her waist.
"Thinking much, my dear?"
She nodded, and the images of flames and death fled her mind.
He did that to her....the warm peace that settled over her when he was near. Until she thought about losing him...then she panicked.
Turning around in his arms, she touched his graying hair.
"Thinking about that Ice block down below....and how to regain our footing"
"Hm" he nodded, and kissed her "we are slipping, aren't we?"
"Yes" Andromeda leaned her head against his shoulder, and felt her lover rock her gently. "I worry I won't be able to accomplish this task in time. And somewhere out there, your brother's heir still lives. For some reason, something tells me his descendant will be a threat to us"
Felix stroked her dark hair, and breathed in her soft rose scent. "Don't worry, my heart. Don't worry. You will, and I hope I still have many years before I need your potion"
Andromeda tightened her grip on him, rare tears threatening in her eyes to spill, "but don't you see? You need it before...before...."
"Before I am at death?" His voice was soft in her ear, and she nodded quickly, and a hot tear slid down her cheek that evaporated before it reached her chin.
"Shhh....Shh, my love" he led her back to the couch, and crouched in front of her. She couldn't help but notice it was getting harder on his bones to sit that way, and so she bid him sit beside her instead.
"You don't need to fear, Andromeda. I don't plan on dying anytime soon"
She entwined her fingers with his. "If death waited on our permission to come about, no one would die"
He had the gall to chuckle, "True...very true my dear"
"Oh Felix..." She layed her head in his lap, and felt his fingers run through her dark locks. "I was so alone until I found you. I had no idea what it truly meant to love and be loved. You are the only thing I have, I cannot lose you"
He kissed his fingers, and brought them to stroke her cheek. "Tell me about your past, Andromeda My Heart"
Her eyes closed, and the memories played back so crystalline and painful.
"We used to be as many as the Elves in Voronwë. We tried to keep to ourselves, as humans didn't trust us, and we didn't trust them either. Situations for us grew worse when a Ruler from the Water mages took the throne. He turned the already tense feelings between the Fire Mages and everyone else into full blown hatred. A house burned down, it was our fault. A child was burned due to his Mother's incompetence in watching him, and it was our fault" she frowned deeply. "But it reached a peek when a fight broke out between Fire Mage youths and a mix of humans and Earth Mages. Everyone but a Human who had fled where killed. And you can imagine who was blamed. We were persecuted, and while we fought back, there were too many against us. The land was in a state of havoc and we were forced out bit by bit.
We tried settling elsewhere, but each place met us with a clash of arms, and slowly our numbers weakened.
Finally I was the last one left. I watched all of my kind fall. And I wandered for so long, until I came here, and found you" She took his hand in her own, and squeezed it softly. "I found the first human to ever accept and love me. And when I felt your love, my hatred fades away. When you hold me, I feel at peace" she sat up, and cupped his face in her hands, their warmth from the fire within her soul accenting her touch. "I will never let you go Felix. I will do whatever it takes to make you whole and happy".

{{There you go peeps. This is why I end up having a hard time hating my own villains. XD }}


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, THAT WAS sad yet so touching

  2. I should go ahead and say that this wonderful piece was done by the lovely Ashley, of whom has taken over the villians while I take a break. Girl, your awesome and you did a great job in making us feel for the villians.

  3. Finally got a chance to read it! Excellent work! Love love loved it.