Thursday, October 11, 2012

Anakis (Part 3)

   I hold my breath for one small moment, then breath out.   Now they all shall know my true self, I told myself.  With that thought, I tore off my robe.   Some others gasp, but Natia just nods.    "I must go, Anakis," Natia told me.   "I'll be outside.   You know I'm not good at these things."   I say nothing, but look straight to Nairi in fear.   I hope this works, I tell myself.   I haven't practiced in a while.   
   I sigh, then begin my chants.   "Oh, Deus, come into me.   May your spirit be in my fingers.   Oh Deus, the mighty Healer, may I do what is good in your sight.  Deus, come to me.   Come.   Come!"   Then all of the sudden I felt the shiver go down my spine.   Here He is, I thought to myself.    I now prayed a silent prayer to He who is within me, Please, oh Healer, may I heal Nairi.   I don't want someone I barely know to die in my own arms!   The people will blame both me and You, and no one, and I mean no one, shall ever believe that you are a just and merciful Lord. 
   As I opened my eyes, I looked down at Nairi.   She was so pale!   A small tear ran down my cheek and landed on hers.   She stirred, but did not wake.   Here we go, said I, and I began to rub my hand all over Nairi's head.   Be merciful, have mercy on this poor girl, I whispered to He who is within me. I could almost hear his tender voice saying, "You who fear Me, trust Me - I am your help and shield."   Oh, such calm came to me!
   All of the sudden, Nairi awakened!   I was overjoyed and tearfully whispered, "Praise be to Deus, healer of even the best of healers!"
   Nairi, in a weak voice, uttered, these words, "P-praise, t-t-to, T-Tu-han."
   I gasped, then cried out, "Oh, Deus!   Thou art more merciful than I deserve!"   I fell face downward on the floor.   "Thou hast healed Nairi faster that ever imagined!"   And with that, I began to light a candle for the life of Nairi is spared.


  1. It was really good, except for Bly not being injured anymore....

  2. I love the picture! the story is great, but I'm going with Ashley. Bly ain't hurt anymore...

    1. Better! Nairi is the hurt one. Story is awesome!!

  3. Thank you guys for fixing it!!! ^.^