Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Felix (part 2)

"How much longer?"

 Andromeda ignored the question and continued to stir the potion, murmuring dark, ancient words of which Felix couldn't decipher. The woman sat amongst a ring of candles, the only light in the room, while pouring a white powder into the small cauldron.

 He inwardly winced as she emptied every ounce of the precious powder into the pink liquid, which changed to a dark purplish hue. If this did not work, or if the spell was ruined, finding more of the magical powder would be costly.

"It is almost done." said Andromeda, filling a vile of the sinister brew before corking it."All it needs now are the hearts. By the way, how are your men coming along to finding them?"

"Still no luck, but I have a promising lead."

Andromeda placed the vile in a small chest and locked it with a key from around her neck."Do you need any of my 'assissance' in this lead of yours?"

Felix thought a moment; Andromeda was no doubt referring to her shadow creatures, her 'pets' as she called them, and nodded his head.

"Yes. I need you to send one of your minions to follow a man who I suspect is leaking information to the rebels."

"'s Nuvole isn't it?" The silent nod drew a smile on Andromeda's lips." Then I shall do so with utmost pleasure."

The evil duo's plans are starting to unfold. Will our heroes stop whatever spell Andromeda has up her sleeve? And who's hearts do they speak of? Tune in next time to see.

Sorry it's late and short. My bad. They really should find a cure for procrastination.


  1. I thought it was souls that the king needed??? Loved the story other wise!!!

  2. Love it! These two are fantastic. XD *confessed Villain Lover right here*.

    Oh, please do remember Greven, he did assist in letting Xander and Bly escape. Lol

    IF YOU FIND A MAGIC PROCEASTINATION CURE, please inform me of it. XD