Sunday, October 14, 2012

Xander {Part 4}

Xander grimaced, and put more of the ointment on his arm. That girl, Linki, was running around passing out bandages and ointments the physicians and Fairies had in stock.
His wound wasn't bad, but it was deep enough to cause pain, and whatever herbs had been mixed into this green stuff was making the sting worse.
He didn't hear her come up behind him until she placed her hand on his shoulder, "Need help?"
"Oh, uhm..." Xander glanced down at the bandages Linki had given him, "I highly doubt I can put these on with one arm".
Bly nodded, and sat beside him on the stone bench, and helped wrap the clean strips of cloth around his arm.
Her silence was heavy, while Bly wasn't a highly talkative person, but it was rare for her to say nothing whatsoever.
Xander cleared his throat, "I see the Rebels found you a new dress"
She nodded and mumbled "Yes" and like a hesitant animal, retreated back into her cave of silence.
Xander sighed, and Bly looked up, "Oh, I'm, I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" She held her hands away.
"No, no. You're very gentle, I was it no heed" Xander tried reassuring her, but she finished quickly and, if possible, more gently.
She stood up, and started to walk away, but Xander stood, "Bly, wait".
She stopped walking, but didn't turn to face him. She held her hands clenched at her sides.
'Is she angry at me, for insisting she stay with Kaymele, and being left alone?'
He took a step forward, "Bly, I'm, I'm sorry. I shouldn't-"
She turned, and he saw the tears streaking down her face, "Don't blame yourself for my problems, Captain Bolivar. It's hardly fair to burden you with them" she turned, and walked away quickly, making it evident she was done talking.
Xander wanted to run after her, but he heard his name being called from across the courtyard.
General Beleg, a dwarf who made up for his short stature with a huge voice and bravery.
"Xander Bolivar!" He came up to Xander, and caught the last glimpse of Bly fleeing the area.
"What's wrong with her?" He asked, jerking a thumb in the way Bly had taken. Xander shrugged, which the pain in his arm quickly scolded him for, "I have no idea sir, something seems to have upset her"
Beleg laughed, "Well, that's apparent. It's good to see even Elvish woman get temperamental and moody"
Xander nodded, and Beleg glanced up at him, "Oy, Captain Bolivar, you plan on just letting her run away?"
Xander started to reply, but hearing his Aragathian Gaurd title used snapped at his attention, "General, I- Nithron I suppose informed you to my status? I'd be more then pleased if you wanted me to testify in front of a court, I'd completely underst-"
Beleg chuckled, and drew a rolled up paper from his coat, "In fact, I knew before Nithron told me" he held the paper out, and Xander hesitantly took it with his good arm.
"We got this from one of our men inside Aragathia..."

"I write to inform General Beleg Stonesir of the expected arrival of a dear friend of mine, Captain Xander Bolivar. He should arrive with the Elven Ambassador Bly Fernwalker"

It went on to go into enough praise to cause Xander discomfort, he skipped to the bottom where an all too familiar seal was pressed into that signature red wax.

"Greven Yark: Chief of Archery, and humble servant to the Freedom Movement"

Xander stared at the seal for a moment, Greven? It seemed like he somehow always knew, the way Greven acted, a thing he would say,
It made sense now.
Beleg coughed, drawing Xander back to the present, as he handed the letter back to the Dwarfish commander, Beleg said "I am not often found disagreeing with Lt. Yark, and I don't plan to now" he extended his hand, "Welcome to Revelin, Captain Bolivar" his grip was firm and incredible strong, and he walked off with a smile, but a few steps, and he stopped, "Oh, just a hint of advice, Captain. It's best to not leave a woman alone when she is in distress. It grows quicker then mushrooms over night, and often can get more terrifying then a full grown warrior Dragon" he winked, and strode off.
Xander waited until the General was gone, and took off quickly in the direction Bly had fled.


He found her in the stables where Ciar and Rudy had been stabled. She had entered Ciar's stall, and slid down against the wall. For a moment, he hesitated, would interrupting her now get him slammed against the wall? She was pretty fearful when angered. A pitiful little sob made his mind for him.
"Bly?" He stepped forward, and she hastily wiped her eyes and stood, brushing straw from her dress.
"No, no, please. Sit back down" he held up his good hand, and she nodded, and sunk back into her formerly dejected fashion.
He joined her on the stall floor, and for a moment, they just sat there. Listening to Ciar munching on hay, and the occasional snort from Rudy.
Finally Bly spoke, "you must think me pretty despicable"
Xander looked down at her, and felt his heart break for some unknown reason, "I could never think of you as despicable. You are everything but that. You are considerate, cheerful, helpful, selfless, gentle, and peaceful to be around"
Bly burst into sobs, and covered her face with her hands, causing Xander to wonder what in all the name of all Incantevole he had said wrong.
"I'm not gentle, I nearly killed you that night. I'm not cheerful, look at me! I'm not selfless, and I'm certainly not helpful! While everyone was away fighting for Nairi, I was here, terrified, worried, and impotent" and with that she burst into a fresh peal of tears.
"A-and-d, I'm-m n-not ev-even a very g-good elf!"
He pulled her into a hug, and she sat there, crying her poor Elven heart out, while Xander was trying to decide whether he was as awkward feeling as before.
Finally when her sobs had ceased into small sniffs from time to time, he raised her face to look at him, "Bly, of all the creatures under the sun, you are the least despicable" she opened her mouth to protest, but he put a finger on her lips to stop her. "None of that" he smiled, "Not all of us are fighters, Bly. Nor are all of us ambassadors. Some are meant to be peace bringers. To simply bring joy in other's lives by their attitudes, and smiles. The peace makers are indeed the rarest, but you are one of them, and it doesn't make you less, or imperfect, or less noble. And whatever rubbish about you not being a proper Elf, I don't care. If that's not who you are, why continue trying to squeeze yourself into a person you aren't?"
She blinked up at him, and for a few moments, he couldn't read her expressions, then her eyes began to fill with tears again, and Xander thought he had failed. But, Bly threw her arms around his neck, "Thank you, Xander. You've become wiser in your shorter human years then I have in my 1,023 Elven years".
Xander smiled, "23"
Bly sat back, "what?"
"23. 23 years, 1,000 years after you"
Bly laughed her rare genuine laughs, "Oh. But thank you anyway, for coming to talk to me..." She suddenly colored, and looked down, "I rather hoped you would" she added so quietly, it was hard to catch.
Xander pretended not to hear the last piece, but held it in that special place close to his heart anyway.
Suddenly she looked back up, "May I ask, a favor?"
In his current mood, Xander was sure he'd capture a Ortrov and tame it for her if all she did was ask.
"My people, they probably don't know about the situation here, but should we match to war, they'd want to be alongside the rebels. I need to go, and alert them to the current happenings, of course, I don't want to leave until I'm sure Nairi will be fine" Xander's heart dropped, she was going to leave 'Its her choice, you can't make her stay, Xander'.
But Bly wasn't finished, "I know it isn't normal for a Human to enter Voronwë, but I'd like very much....I mean to say, it would probably be best should you accompany me, for safety reasons"
Xander was stunned, Voronwë, the prized city. Many times Felix had tried to enter it, only to be repelled by the Purity of the area. It covered that part of the land like a shield, and permitted only those with pure spirits to enter. It was said that the Purifying aurora could heal the greatest wounds, to the heart, soul, or body.
"Bly, I'm, honored that you ask me to come..."
She brightened, "So you shall come?"
"I honestly don't know if I am worthy"
He felt unequal to that honor, he might not have been wicked, but he wasn't spotless, and it would be great shame to him if he was unable to enter the City's aurora.
Bly smiled, and said softly, in quote of his previous words, "Xander, of all the creatures under the sun, you are the most worthy"
He had to chuckle at how she turned his words, "Very well, I shall speak to General Beleg, and obtain his permission"
Her smile was reward enough.
And Ciar stomped her hoof, and whinnied as if it were all very funny indeed.