Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kaymele (part 7)

    Bly is cleaning the room while I sleep.  She is trying to keep busy, but nothing seems to calm her nerves.  Xander left over an hour ago to get bandages on his cuts and burns.  Bly was left alone to herself, she started to wet a cloth for me but remembered; unless she wanted to attend a mermaid, water should never touch my skin.  Her new dress is light green, and cream white.  The sleeves are shortened but the waist is loosely tied with a piece of rope.  The hours drag on until she herself falls asleep.  
    I wake to the sound of heavy boots coming towards our room.  I sit up with a start, and wait for the door to open.  The boots are still coming but the door doesn't open, I realize that a solder is pacing in front of the door.  After a moment Bly wakes with the same start, and we both investigate.  The door is locked from the outside and the key nowhere to be seen.  Bly peeks through the key hole but only sees the guard outside.
    'Hey,' I yell, 'let us out!'
    The boots stop for a moment then continue marching.  Bly and I look at each other then bang on the door harder and harder.
    'Stop banging on the door.  You're to be kept here until the orders from Beleg say otherwise,' says the guard.
    We back away.  'Why would Beleg order myself and Bly to be held here.  Unless...'.  I return to my bed and sit, Bly follows.  I stare at the door pondering what to do now.  Trapped and worried is not my favorite feeling.
    'Bly, do you realize that they're keeping us here because of something they don't want us finding out about?' I ask quietly.
    'You thought of it too,' she answers, 'question is how do we find out?'
    'I don't know Bly.  I just don't know...' I say in despair, 'nothing can get through that door.'
    'What if you sang again?' says Bly, 'if it worked on me, what else can it work on?'
    'It's worth a try,' I say standing up.
    I walk up to the door.  Still scared of what might happen if this doesn't work.  I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and try to remember the words to the song my mother taught to me when I was younger.
    'Bly cover your ears,' I say, then sang, 'Oore panta ent nienaite, i annon.  Selma nal hediminna i marde,'
    The doors quake and the guard stops in front of the door.  I sing it again, and again until I reach the highest note at the end.  The door explodes off the hinges and knocks the guard out.  Bly uncovers her ears and we both stare at the destroyed door.
    'You did it...' Bly whispers.
    We step over the debris, and pull the guard out from under the door into the room.  My mind is completely focused on finding Nithron.  I want to run, but I'm not going to leave Bly behind because of my haste.
    'Do you want to find Xander,' I ask.
    'No, I know Xander just went for bandages so I'll just walk over to find Linki, she's working with bandages,' she answers.
    'We'll meet back here in 2 hours, no later.  If they find us and lock us up again we will signal each other by telepathy,' I say, 'can you use telepathy?'
    'A little,' she says sheepishly, 'I was never very good, and only just learning I can say two or three words at the most.'
    'Ok it's at least something,' I say.
    As we part I feel a change.  It's dark and evil, and I wonder if Bly feels it too.  The terrible feeling doesn't last though, soon there is a totally new sensation. The smell of rotten vomit, blood, and waste fill my nose as I turn the first corner.  I can't hold my breath for much longer, and my eyes are starting to water at the foul, putrid smell.  When my lungs feel as though they were going to burst I round the corner that leads to Nithron's room. I stop and stare when I see Nithron standing outside his room leaning against the door frame.  I can see his shirt is torn all the way down the front.  The linens wrapping around his waist are not as bloody as I remember.
    'Nithron!' I cry out.
    I run to him, but he see me coming and meets me halfway.  He embraces me in his warm arms encircling my waist.  Though his face and chest are covered with soot and sweat, I don't care.  The tears pour down my face as I bury my head into his chest.  He presses his lips to my forehead, and for a moment I feel cherished.  He lifts my chin so I can see into his blue eyes, and I notice for the first time that he's in pain.  We walk together back to his room, I can't let go of him fearing if I do he'll slip away from me entirely.  I wash his face with Anakis's help.  Anakis wets the cloth and I use my powers to lift the cloth to his face.  He winces when his cuts are washed, but slowly he begins to look like himself again.  Soon Anakis leaves to find Natia and ask her about some herbs for a new ointment.
    I think of Bly and telepathically call to her, but she doesn't answer.  'She must be having trouble contacting me.  I guess she's trying to reach me.  I'll hear something soon.' I think.
    'What happened after you were taken out of the room Kaymele?' asks Nithron.
    I blush, thinking back to that afternoon when I was screaming outside the door, and hissing at the passing people.  I sit beside him and lean my head on his shoulder.
    'After you were taken away I was thrown out, and...' I blushed, 'was dropped at the door pounding, and screaming, until Bly came and took me back to her room. They told me that I was at the door for about 5 hours screaming your name.'
    Everything is silent for a while, then he stands in front of me, takes my hands, and looks straight into my eyes.
    'I rescued you from your people, guided you through the Tawarthion Forest, and protected you from the Otrov.  Kaymele, nothing in all Incantevole will ever separate me from you,' he said.
     I look down at his hands grasping mine, and realize what I thought impossible.  I am no longer abandoned, alone, or scared but protected by Nithron and I have Ainatar to believe in.  His arms embrace me again and I never want to leave them.
    As I look over his shoulder I saw Bly rushing past, and following close behind is Xander.  We call out to them and they both rush in panting heavily.  Bly looks as if she's been crying, and looking closely at Xander's shirt I can tell he was with her.  
    'Oh Kaymele, I couldn't reach you no matter how hard I tried,' Bly panted. 
    'Never mind that now it's only been a few minutes after the 2 hours,' I turned to face Xander,  'Xander did you tell Beleg to lock us in Bly's room?  We tried to leave but the guard wouldn't let us,' I say.
    'No when I left I went straight to Linki for bandages.  How did you get out if the guard didn't let you pass?' Xander asks.
    'Tedious to tell and harsh to hear, but never mind that now.  I can see that you have important news to tell Beleg,'  I pause, and they turn to leave 'beware Xander and Bly, a man from your past shall once again weave himself back into your lives.'
    My words cause them to stop and turn back.  I feel my face turn grey with terror, and realize that I just spoke of the future.  I wanted so badly to read their minds but restrained myself, but the future escaped me before I could stop myself.  Xander steps forward and searches my eyes for any form of jest, but steps back instead.
    'Who is this man you speak of?' he asks.
    'I can't say.  I've broke the rules already, and besides I don't know who he is,' I say.
    'Xander we need to find Beleg,' pleads Bly grabbing his hand.
    'Should we come too, or is it private?' asks Nithron
    'No, please do come you may be needed,' says Xander.
    We rush down the corridors and outside to Beleg's tent.  Xander calls to Beleg, and he comes out to meet us but his smile quickly fades to a frown and furrowed eyebrows.  He crosses his arms and looks slightly up at us.  He's only a little shorter than I am but has twice as much grit, and determination than all of the camp.  He opens the tent flap and gestures us to enter.  Once inside and the flap closed Xander elaborates on Bly's plan to go to Voronwë and explain to the leaders their situation.
    Beleg hasn't spoken a word, and after Xander stops his face shadows over.  He stands in front of us and in the silence I hear him take a deep breath.
    'You haven't heard have you,' says Beleg shifting his weight, and looking around at us, 'Nairi was recovering thanks to Anakis, but now something has aggravated the wound, and the damage to her shoulder was dangerously destructive to her entire arm.  Our options at the moment are for her to be sent back to her people, her arm amputated, or there is a very slim chance that it could heal on it's own. But it would take roots and other herbs that are scarce in the Tawarthion.
    'Bly, your plan to go back to your people is workable; but you might have to take Nairi, or send the needed supplies back to us.  A helper could be sent with you on your new quest, but that is up to you.  Adonis is quiet anxious about her, and will no doubt volunteer to go with you with or without Nairi just to help get the supplies.  Though, he hasn't left her side since they let him in, and won't eat or sleep because of the accident.   He keeps muttering something about it being his fault, and never should have tried to rest.
    'Maybe each one of you should try talking to him, try pulling him out of his self pity.  He hasn't listened to me, Natia, or Anakis.  He just sits there holding her hand and waiting for her to wake up.  That's why I had Bly and Kaymele locked up so they couldn't work any more magic on her.  Natia says it could be fatal if any more is used.'
    I know how Adonis feels, useless and helpless.  Always wondering what you could have done to possibly have it be the other way around.  Bly is the first to break the silence.
    'If you'll have our horses packed with food and provisions for the 8 day journey we will go visit Adonis.  See what he is willing to do,' Bly whispers timidly.  
    Bly has always had a slight fear of Beleg, and I can understand why.  The booming voice and the sharp words give him a commanding air, but he's really kind and protective of his people.  He became General when his wife was killed by the Otrov, Felix's bane, and has been the commanding officer ever since.  Never again has he sang; the other rebels say he was quite good, but he only sang for her.  
    We all leave Beleg and go to Nairi's room.  It's smaller than Bly's room, but there are so many shelves of herbs, roots, and other items that I'm not familiar with, one can hardly tell this is a patients room.  We let one person at a time go in, and all came out with either a scowl or tears.  When it's my turn I find it hard to let go of Nithron, but for the others there I decide to go in without him.
    When I enter the room it feels like I just entered a tomb.  Everything is extremely quiet the windows are shut with dark curtains over them, the birds outside aren't singing, and the only light in the entire room is a single candle.  It takes a moment  for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, but soon I make out Adonis's shape.  He is holding Nairi's hand, like Beleg said he would be, and Nairi's face in the dim light was pale and her cheeks are hollow.  A cloth is draped over her forehead and when she turned her head into the light I could see her eyes are blood shot.  I gasp when I catch a glimpse of her other arm, it's almost all purple/blue with darker shades running down the length of her arm.
    'Adonis?' I whisper.
    'What do you want, are you here to get me to leave too,' he snaps.
    'No, I came to see Nairi, and...' I start but he cuts me short.
    'Oh shut up!  I just want to be alone, to punish myself for being so selfish, and lazy!' he roared, but his voice quavered at the end.  Like he was holding back tears.
    Nothing can explain the horror I feel, then the pang of sadness hits me, and I want to run away.  In the darkness there is nothing heard but our breathing, and I was just about fed up with feeling sorry for him.  
    'Adonis I know your pain, and I can't tell you how to handle it.  That alone is torture to me, because I can't help you overcome your sorrow, for I suffer from it as well.  She's not dead you know, and she won't die if we can get her the help she needs.  You feeling sorry for yourself isn't going to help her anymore than hiding her in the darkness,' as I say this I walk over to the curtains and tear them down.  Letting in a burst of sunlight.  We shield our eyes at the new light, and I open the window, 'now go with them and help Nairi to get better.'
    He looks at Nairi and strokes her hair, so tenderly.  He stands and faces me, at first I think he's going to tear me apart, but instead he gives me a dragon's hug.
    'You better take perfect care of her,' he whispers in my ear.
    I nod, and open the door to find Bly, Xander, and Nithron all listening behind the door.  Adonis passes them and goes straight to the stables to help prepare the packs.  Xander, Bly and Nithron stare at me for an unbelievably long time.
    'What did you say to him?' asks Xander, 'when I talked to him he just yelled for me to leave, and never come again.'
    'And when I calmly talked to him he just mumbled about how terrible he felt and that he didn't want to live if she didn't,' whispers Bly.
    'I guessed his pain to be like mine, but instead of breaking down like I did he simply decided to punish himself.  So where I couldn't help Nithron, he can help Nairi, and I pray he'll be of great help to you on your journey,' I say.