Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nuvole (Part 2)

“Here” King Felix shoved 20 silver coins into my hand and left without another word.
“Thank you, Sir.” I mumbled doubting he could hear me, but it was for good measure.
I shoved the coins into my pockets and dashed off. I ran past the training grounds and heard yelling and the sound of swords and arrows hitting post. I ran for what seemed like forever until I had finally reached the palace gates.
OK. I thought. All I need to do is find Posel and very discreetly give him my note.
I had written a note last night with details on everything I heard that night. It took me almost all night to write.
I was about to step out of the gate when a guard saw me. “Halt!" He yelled. “Were are you going young man?“
“The market." I replied with a smile, hoping I wouldn’t have to stay here long.
“Alright you may proceed"
I sighed with relief as I passed the man.
As I arrived at the market the amount of people and carts overwhelmed me. I stood there taking it all in for a minute then remembered I needed to find Posel.
I looked for him at every cart. I knew for a fact he would come into town as a seller of goods, he always did.
Posel always disguised himself as someone who could get into the castle so he could talk to me and get my information. I knew his face well and I knew he knew mine, so as soon as I saw him I knew without a doubt it was in fact him.
"Good evening sir." I smiled at Posel, in his apple seller disguise.
"Oh, good evening Nuv- New Face. It is always good to see a new face." He smiled at his save. I thought it was the worst one I had ever heard.
"Yes, my name is, Nuvole." I extended my hand for him to shake.
Palsu." He said shaking it. Palsu was the name he used here.
I pretended to be looking over his apples and I randomly selected one that looked to be less rotten then the others.
I held up the apple "How much?" I looked him in the eye, with the best I have something to give you look.
"Five silver coins." He said holding up five fingers.
I pulled the coins out of my pocket along with my note, which I had folded up to about the size of the coins. "Alright then, five." I put the five coins in his hand plus the note and walked onward.
"Thank you." He called back to me. "You have been most helpful."
I walked past more carts and bought a few random things just so whoever the king sent to spy on me wouldn't be suspicious.When I felt like I had done enough I headed back towards the palace.
When I got back King Felix was there to greet me. “Ah good, I was beginning to think you ran away my little pet." He smiled at me evilly.
Little pet? Really? I handed him ten silver coins.
"Good boy." He ruffled my ears like a dog.
I really want to kill him right now.
Thank you, sir." I bowed and we walked back to the main part of the palace.
I went to my room and sat on my bed. That settles it. One day soon, I'm getting out of here.