Monday, October 22, 2012

Natia (Part 3)

   As everyone became busy about Nairi, I ran of a ways behind the tents.   I was scared, for I was about to fill myself with Deus again, for the second time in a row.   I needed to go away and sanctify myself before all of this.   The last speech I did not take the time, and ended up with a massive headache and terrible nightmares that could only be cured with a foul-smelling herb.
   I tiptoed behind a tent, the girls' and mine.   I began to kneel, when I heard sniffles from the tent next to me. It was Prid, crying behind the boys' tent.   I watched him from the corner of my tent.   I sat there for about 10 minutes when Anakis came and sat beside Prid.   I listened in from my corner.
   "Your uncle, Prid?" asked Anakis.
    "Yes, fair maiden, um, fairy," said Prid.   "I am sorry that you have to see me in this state."   At this, Prid started on a fresh burst of tears.
   "There, there," said Anakis.   "There, there."
   All of the sudden Prid pulled away from Anakis.   "Wait, Anakis!   You could heal him!   You could bring him back to life!"
   She can't do that!   I thought.   It's against our laws!   Not only ours, Deus's too!
   "I, well, um, Prid," said Anakis.   "I can't."
   Prid stood up.   "What do you mean, you can't?" he asked.
   "It is against Deus's laws, and Fairy laws, to do so.   If I do, Prid, I shall be struck dead by a bolt of lightning by Deus himself!"   Anakis trembled at those horrid words.
   Prid sat again, obviously upset by this news.   But he wiped the tears from his eyes and said, "I must not cry, for I am to be in the rebel army.   What would they think of me if I did this?"   And with that he grabbed on to Anakis and wept.