Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prid (Part 2)

   "Who are you?" asked  Kamele, who was being surprisingly calm next to Anakis's nervous teeth chatter.
   Before anyone could answer, a girl from the other party stepped forward and greeted Nithron in this way, "Eassahae, riaian Desh'nerian!"   Kamele gasped and ran the the girl in an embrace.
   "You are Elvish!" she exclaimed.   "I must know your name, perhaps I know you!"
   "You are not Elvish," said the girl, matter-o-factly.   "Why would you know me?"
   "Do not speak to this great lady in this way!" yelled Nithron at the girl.   "This lady happens to be part elf, part dwarf, part human, AND," he added a dramatic pause, "part mermaiden!   What do you say to that?"
   The girl gasped.   "I am dreadfully sorry, I didn't know.   I am Bly."   She pointed to herself with a slender hand.   "These are my companions," she said, looking in the direction of the other three.   What a party it was!   There were two boys and one other girl.   One boy was tall, and quite muscular, with brown hair and green eyes.   The other boy was also tall, with gold eyes and extremely red hair.   The girl was very short with very long black hair and blue eyes.   I think that she was around ten tears of age.
   "I'm Captain Bolivar, and this is Adonis and Nairi," said the muscular man.   "Now, who are you?"
   "I'm Prid," I explained, "and this is Anakis, Natia, Kaymele, and Nithron."   I sneaked a glance at Anakis.   To my surprise, Anakis wasn't even looking at the new people.   She was looking behind us all.   I looked behind as well, and noticed a cloud of dust coming from the other side of the forest.   The person was riding a centaur.
   "Anakis!   It's Linki!" cried Natia.
   "It is!" said Anakis.
   "Who is this Linki?" asked Kamele.
   "She's who I bought Derpa from for Anakis," replied Natia.   "But why is she coming here?   She should be at her stables."   The figure drew nearer and nearer.   Finally she arrived with a grave look on her face.
   "Is there anyone named Prid Leon here?" the girl, Linki, asked.
   "That would be me," I replied.   "How do you know my name?"
   "Long story.   I need to speak to you.   Privately."   Linki scratched an itch on her arm and hopped off her centaur.   She walked away from everyone else and motioned to me.   I followed.
   "What is it?" I asked when I reached her.
   "Um, well, I hate to be the one to tell you this, Prid.   Just saying." said Linki.   She stared at the ground.
   "Why?   Tell me Linki," I said, rather confused.
   "Prid, um," she paused, "Your, um, Africi, um...well..."
   "Tell me.   It's okay.   I'll listen."
   "Prid, um, Prid, Africi was rampaged and  burned down.   There were no survivers," said Linki, yet again staring at her shoes.
   "Uncle Simbani left in time to get far away, didn't he?   Away from the fire?" I asked.
   Linki sighed.   "No, Prid.   He didn't."
   I fell to the ground.   My only relative in the entire world, gone.   I let out a  loud sob and covered my face with dirt.   I ripped my clothes.
   The others, who were standing off a ways, came running.   "What on earth is it, Prid?" asked Anakis.
   I looked at her with tears streaming down my cheeks.   "Uncle Simbani is dead."


  1. yeah, poor Prid! I'm a little confused though... who burned Africi (I mean I know who, but our other readers may not), why would they, and how does it all connect??

    1. The King's men burned down the Grasslands. This means that the king has heard about our group and is hot on our tails. (BTW, you do remember how Andromeda said she's almost got the rebels?)

    2. yeah I remember. It's still amazing!