Saturday, October 13, 2012

Andromeda (part 2)

 Andromeda paced angerly back and forth in her room, silently seething.

 How could my pet do something so foolish?

 Of course, she knew not to completely blame the creature, it was defending itself after all. Although it didn't do it much good, and had caused some of the needed carriers to fall deathly ill.

 Felix's efforts in obtaining the girls had failed as well, if the loud shouting downstairs had anything to say about it.

 Andromeda stopped pacing and looked out of her window, the one facing the setting sun, her former home land. How she longed to be on its surface again, dancing in its flame, with no worry about foul, fragile host bodies. But she could never return, not after her sisters exhaled her.

 Soon, she thought, I will have this world as my own, with my love by my side, and we will rule eternally.

 With these thoughts, Andromeda composed herself and began the descent downstairs to comfort her Felix. They would find the hearts needed for their immortality potion soon enough, they just needed to be patient.

Sorry it's so short...and late.


  1. I liked it, shortness and all! Andromeda is such an interesting villain. ^.^