Monday, October 8, 2012

Bly {Part 4}

Xander and Nithron's voices awoke her, and she glanced around her.  Shapes and colors swam in her eyes, but Bly could faintly make out Xander's face, and, was he holding her?
"Bly, are, are you ok?" His voice sounded fuzzy, like it was a distance off.
"I, I don't know..." She remembered the Ortrov, "Is it, dead?"
Xander smiled down at her, but it was wobbily, and forced.  "Yes, your Elf friend slayed it with quite  a dramatic flair"
Bly smiled, "I'd like to hear the story sometime" she turned her head to look at Nairi, and her heart filled with fear. "Is she ok?"
Adonis felt her head, and looked up worriedly, "She is really cold. I know you Elves might have a high tolerance, but what about Ceridwens? How do they deal with the poison?"
'Ceridwen? So Nairi isn't a human...' Bly turned that piece of information over in her head, 'Somehow, I must've confused her soul's color with the color of a human's grey...'.  Anakis hurried over, clutching a satchel of herbs tightly.  "I have some herbs, I don't know much about Ortrov wounds, but will any help?" Nithron thought for a moment, "WaxFire weed, do you have any?" Anakis pawed through her varied herbs, and pulled out a small package of tan flowers with bright red centers. "It's not a lot" she apologized quickly, while handing the package over to Nithron.  Adonis fairly snatched it from him, "How much do I use? All of it? Is all of it to much?" Nithron hastily took it back from him, "If we split it between Bly and Nairi, it should possibly last them both long enough until we get to the Rebel camp"
Bly's mind raced, this time of the year, WaxFire weed only grew in one place, plus, it was a hard foliage to store, the likelihood that the Rebels would have more was slim...Nairi needed it now. You could tell by the way her she stiff, the cold poison was working its way through her small self with an amazing speed. A terrifying speed....
She raised  herself up slightly, Xander moving to help her. "Give it all to Nairi".
Everyone stared at her as if she was crazy, 'Maybe I am...'
"Bly, that is suicide, and craziness, without the antidote, you'll die" Nithron insisted.
"I didn't say I wouldn't have the antidote. I can last longer then Nairi without it.  The Rebels might not have any, and in that case, we'll have to go where it grows. Nairi wont last that long, I can"
Adonis shot her a look of gratitude, and reclaimed the packet from Nithron, "So, how do we put this weed on?".

"Not much further" Nithron led them to a faint path, and they were heading due North. Adonis and Nairi were riding Ciar, Rudy dutifully carried Xander and Bly.  Florentide was casting Adonis scornful looks and the three fairies had mounted their centaurs, one being the unusual color of purple. Kaymele and Nithron walked ahead, speaking quietly.
Nairi mumbled something, and Adonis glanced at Bly with concern carefully hidden in his eyes, "She is getting feverish"
Bly smiled, "Thats good. It means she if fighting the poison. When the victim is cold is when you should really worry"
She felt Xander quickly reach up to feel her head, "You are a little cool". He had been silent ever since she had ordered all the WaxFire given to Nairi.  Bly bit her tongue, "Y-you aren't angry, are you?"
He sighed, "No. I'm not"
He added softly, thinking she wouldn't hear, "Just very worried".


"Stop" Nithron held his hand up, and the party ceased.  "We are about the enter Revelin. Linki, Anakis, and Natia, I think it best, for now, to keep your race silent.  Kaymele, What happened in the past, its between you and I, best to not let that slip around and become common knowledge" Bly noticed Kaymele look down slightly. "Xander, well, we can't very well deny that you are from Aragathia in that uniform, just, don't act like you are/  Bly, your visit might be short, but I promise you, they will feel honoured that you have joined us" He turned around, then seemed to remember Adonis, "Oh, you. Lets see....Don't be annoying".
Adonis glared at him, and probably would've normally started a fight, this time, a glare was enough.
Bly watched him with amusement, how could Xander be so blind?
Nithron led them on, and Bly suddenly felt tired, she leaned her head back on Xander, and closed her eyes, and when she finally opened them, a group of physicians were leaned over her.
"Bly, you, blacked out there for a moment" Xander said softly.
"I-I didn't...I just fell, asleep" She mumbled, and turned her head to exaim the room.  It had stone walls, and numerous beds, she spotted Adonis and Nairi a few cots down. "Will she be ok?" Bly murmered, and one of the Physicians smiled, "Yes, thanks to you. Now, stop worrying over her, you are the one in danger here"
Xander looked up, and his mouth was moving, but Bly couldn't hear any words.  Suddenly, there was only one physican, then three, then six, then one again.  Blackness seemed to be eating away at her vision.  She was so tired....
"I'm going to nap again, Xander. Wake me up when Nairi feels better" she ended with a yawn and shiver, and pulled a blanket up to her chin.
Something grabbed her shoulder, and was shaking her, she thought she heard Kaymele, Dragon? Voronwe?
'I don't want to go to Voronwe...I'm comfy right here.....'
She gave in to the blissful blackness that begged her to come and slumber.

~Shortest Chapter I've ever written. And, slightly different then my others....but, this is what you girls (KATHRINE) get for making me post twice in a row. XD~


  1. lol I noticed a few spelling errors that normally wouldn't have been there! Yeah it's really not fun brainstorming!

    1. It was amazing though! once again

    2. It certainly isn't my best. But, I guess it's ok for a drop of a ball chapter. XD