Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kaymele (part 5)

    Once I had told my story up until we escaped, the girl on the horse dismounted, and walked over to me.  She looks me straight in the eye, and then steps back, calm and relaxed but still cautious.
    'My name is Natia, and this is my friend Anakis, and the lion boy over there is Prid,' says Natia introducing them.
    'I am Kaymele, and this is Nithron.  The terror from the sky over there is my dragon Florentide.  I apologies for all the trouble she caused your group,' I say curtsying.
    'Oh no harm done,' whispered Anakis.
    'Where are you going?' I ask, 'unless it's none of my business.  Your group looks as though it was to travel a great distance.  Is there an emergency?'
    'They're headed to heal the solders in Revelin.  Why where are you going?' asks Prid.
    'We are headed to the rebels in Revelin to fight for freedom and justice,' I say placing my hands on my hips.
    'Well if we're all headed in more or less the same direction, what is to keep us from traveling together?  Just us little people, our lion friend, and you three,' says Natia, a little too enthusiastically.
    'Oh, must we call you little people?' I say sarcastically, 'I tell you Nithron, Fairies are the absolute worst liars!  They are just to good to lie properly I tell you!'
    Nithron stifles a laugh.  Anakis, and Natia look at me and turn a sickly white.
    'W-We aren't fairies,' Natia says nervously laughing, 'If we were then we would be around our tree growing flowers, and minding our own business.'
    'Ah, I see,' I say putting on my best "I believe you" face.
    'They are liars.  They think I've fallen for their little tricks.  These are banished Fairies, probably for healing someone they shouldn't have.  Wonderful,' I think.
    'Well now that's sorted shouldn't we get moving?' says Prid.
    I decide against flying on Florentide.  To walk with our new companions until the other side of the plains.  Nithron is easily keeping up with the horses, whereas I'm keeping up, but I'm loosing ground fast.  Anakis offered a ride on her centaur, which I gladly accept.  I learned that his name is Derpa.  He's not like other centaurs who are proud, persnickety, and would only carry one rider if the time came.  He is humble, gracious, and gladly accepted another rider.
    'Why does Derpa not speek?  Is there nothing worth talking about?' I ask Anakis.
    'No, he would talk if he could,' I know I looked puzzled so she continued, 'He has never been able to talk according to Liki.  That was his previous owner.'
    'Isn't he, well, a little purple?' I asked.
    'Yes, and that's what makes him unusual and unique, Linki was just going to let him die when Natia said she would take him,' says Anakis.
    'Oh poor Derpa.  I agree, he is truly a wonderful centaur,' I say looking passed Anakis to the back of Derpa's head.  I see him smile.
    On and on we ride, Nithron eventually joins Natia on her horse, until we see the edge of the plains.   Where the tall grass ends and the dense forest begins.  Everyone dismounted from their steeds and walked over to the end of the grass.  Prid looks over his shoulder back to his home, and the family he must have left behind.
    'There before us is the Tawarthion Forest.  It has many dangers, so terrible that not even the King's bravest men dare to enter the enchanted woodland,' proclaims Nithron walking towards the dark trees.
    'Florentide fly above and see how far the forest extends,' I say.
    She takes off and we walk forward Anakis leading the horse.  Derpa walked cautiously towards the woods with Prid behind him.  Nithron led the way until we saw Florentide again.
    'I flew as far as I dare.  The forest goes on forever.  I guess these new pests didn't know that,' says
Florentide with a snort.
    'Florentide be kind to our new friends.  They've done nothing to harm you, what's wrong?' I ask stroking her neck.
    'They are slow, we could have been there by now if we would have just left them behind,' says Florentide.
    'Now your being selfish.  Just because you can't fly as fast as your heart desires, you don't want people that could very well help us,' I argue.
    'What seems to be the problem?' asks Nithron walking back to us.
    'Florentide is angry that we can't go faster,' I say looking up at her.
    'Ah, if we were to go faster we would die sooner.  See that clump of trees over there?' says Nithron pointing at some trees about 10 yards away, 'those aren't trees.'
    He picks up a rock, about the size of his fist, and throws it into the trees.  The trees up root themselves and move.  Causing the rock to fly into the center of the patch.  Flames shoot up from the ground where the rock landed, blackening it, then the rock sunk into the sand with a terrible screeching sound.  The trees moved back as if nothing happened.
    We all stand in horror of what might have happened to us if we had gone into the grove.  Slowly walking around the patch, we made our way further into the forest, now being more cautious than ever.  Trees loom over us like great Giants.  Every so often one of us would see a root move, or a tree move without the wind.  Making good time we notice a change in the trees again.  The air shifts and the woods go deadly silent.  Then foot steps fall only a few yards away from us.  I hear Anakis scream, Florentide roar and snarl.  Nithron and I race back to the others and see 4 strangers back to back between Prid and Florentide.  Their eyes are filled with fear and the tension is thick.

Ok people's I finished this in New Mexico and I left room for other minds.


  1. Yay! I'm guessing these 'Four Strangers' are the Adonairi and Blander group? ^.^

    1. Yeah I left the fun part for you... lol

    2. What about me? When can I write mine? *tear* JK

    3. Hey um I already wrote mine before you posted yours Kayla so I need to post mine before Anna lol

    4. Whatever works as long as it makes sense!