Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anakis (Part 1)

   I let out a sigh as I looked back at the Fairy Tree.   Tears slowly ran down my cheeks.   Here I was, leaving the only home I had ever known, to heal people I had never seen before.   Now I was cold, alone, and lost in the fact that I was now shunned by all respectful Fairies forever, just for wanting to help the poor and weary soldiers on the battlefront!
   I needed to sit down and think.   I sat on a mossy rock and wondered where to stay the night.   Then I remembered my best friend, Natia, who had been shunned two weeks before me for speaking of the tyrant King Felix and how the Fairies needed to help the soldiers.   "I wonder if Natia lives around here," I wondered aloud.
   Suddenly, a black horse and cloaked rider speed past me.   The figure grabbed me by the hair and pulled me on the horse.   I screamed and shouted to no avail.   There was no one else in the forest.   "Where are you taking me?!" I yelled at the figure.   It said nothing.   I was terrified    Was this one of King Felix's men?
   We came up to a small hut.   The figure slid down the horse, tied him up, and reached for me.   I had no choice but to follow it.
   Once we were inside the hut, the figure took off its cloak.   Brown, wavy hair fell to the waist.   Large, blue wings were exposed.   "Natia! Oh, you frightened me!   I thought you were one of the King's men!" I said.
   "What are you doing here, Anakis?   It's dangerous being out in the forest at night!   Especially when exposing your wings," she said, pointing to my rather ruffled, wet wings.
   "Oh, Natia, I was shunned for trying to heal a wounded soldier.   I didn't have time for a cloak."
   "You may use one of mine.   Get in on quickly, for we must fly."
   "The forest is full of spies for the King.   We need to leave now.   I know someone with a centaur you can ride."   Natia grabbed a cloak from a basket and threw it to me.   She made a bag full of food and supplies.   We both ran out the door to leave.
   We stopped in front of a huge stable.   Natia knocked on the door.   "Linki!   Linki!   Wake up!   It's Natia!   Linki!"   A rather sleepy figure emerged from the darkness.   She had short brown hair and black eyes.   She was dressed in stable garb.   "Oh, Natia, have you finally decided to take me up on my offer!" said Linki.   "Come on in!   Derpa is waiting for you!"
   "She's a little hyper, Anakis, don't mind her." said Natia.   I nodded.
   "And here is Derpa!   Come on, Derpa!   Come on!" laughed Linki.
   "Can't he talk?" I asked.
   "Nope.   That's why I'm giving him away!   No use to sell one with a defect.   Plus, he's a bit purple.   Who wants a purple centaur?  Everyone wants black, grey, brown, horse colors.   No, Derpa isn't for selling." Linki said.   Derpa looked sad as she said this.
   "Well, I think he's a very fine centaur."   said Natia, smiling at Derpa.   Derpa smiled back.   "Come Anakis.   We must fly!   You must ride Derpa, and I shall ride Soot.   Come!"   We rode out.   As we rode on, we heard Linki say, "Tell Derpa that I'll miss him!"