Sunday, September 16, 2012

Felix (part 1)

“A bunch of ingrates, all of you!”
A line of soldiers stood before a menacingly large throne as it’s sitter continued to scowled them.

“My King, I apologize for my men. Xander’s horse is well known to be the fastest, and he knows the best routes out of the city-“
“I do not need your excuses.” Felix snapped harshly,” Have your men search the roads, the trails, anywhere you can fit a soldier. The traitor and the prisoner shall not get away, do you understand?”

“Yes, you’re Highness.” The captain gathered his men, of who were practically running out of the door, and shut the door behind them.
Felix got up from his throne and marched about the room, taking deep swallows of his wine.

He passed by tapestries dictating his success in battle, draped over the stone walls. Felix paid no heed to any of them, continuing his infuriated pace.
He went and grabbed the wine bottle from the small table beside his throne, only to throw it against the wall when discovering that it was empty.

Mumbling to himself, Felix went upstairs to where he might get more.

Well, I finally got it up! Sorry it took so long, had to type this AND Andromeda's part.


  1. The villan! da da da dum... All kings have a "healthy" taste for wine. lol

  2. LOVE it!!! Like, a lot! Your writing style is really vivid, and clear.