Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nairi (part 2)

I was quite surprised when a man wearing the clothes of the king’s guard and a girl in a once white dress, now greenish brown with filth, stepped out of the gate. “Why, hello there, travelers, but I think you’ll want to enter through the main gate, nothing to see coming through this one” The man in the king’s armor said.
I didn’t want to hurt an innocent man but we had just been exposed and certainly he was going to report Adonis and I to the king and have us killed. And I couldn’t let that happen. “You are a King’s guard; I shall have to kill you.” That came out way more menacing than I had first intended. I drew my sword, seeing as even though I had the power to control the wind, water, or ice I had never paid much attention when I was supposed to be learning how to use them. So my best bet right now was probably the sword.
“Wait! Stop! Whoever you are, D-don’t kill Cap….Xander” The girl cried.
I looked at her wondering what she had been about to say.
“He isn’t…bad” She sounded like she could barely got the words out of her mouth
“And why shouldn’t I? How do I not know that this isn’t all a setup?”

“Shorty, just drop it.” Adonis said grabbing my shoulder.
I am sure my face turned beet red. “I’M NOT SHORT!” I screamed. I turned to Adonis and tried to step on his foot, but he moved and I fell, nearly impaling myself with my sword.
“Um, sorry to interrupt whatever you doing but can we please leave?.” It was the man again.
“Yes, yes you can, and we’re coming with you.” Adonis looked kind of scared.

“What’s wrong?” I asked looking at his expression.
“That’s what’s wrong.” He said pointing at a mob of guards headed straight for us.
The man, Xander I think she called him, smiled and galloped past me on his horse and yelled. “That’s our cue. If your coming you will have to keep up.”
“Well what are you waiting for, Shorty.” Adonis said. I didn’t even have time to reply till he scooped me up and ran after Xander and the girl, quickly catching up.

“Let me go!” I shouted at hm.
“Oh so you want to be caught by the royal guard.” He said looking at me his hair blowing he was running so fast.
“No.” I said looking down. It was then that Xander noticed we were keeping up with him and his mouth seemed to fall.
“How- how are you…”
“Don’t ask.” Adonis said smiling. And Xander didn’t.
After a while of running and riding we finally stopped, and Adonis abruptly dropped me.
“Ow, that hurt.” I said standing. Adonis shrugged, apparently he didn’t care. At that moment I wanted to slap him, but I was interrupted by the girl.
“H-how, d-did you.” The girl fumbled with her words.
“I think what lady Bly is trying to say is, how in all of Incantevole you keep up with my Rudy?”
“Well it helps that dragons are fast.” Adonis said shrugging.
I looked at the girl she looked quit frightened like she had been through a lot. Then I realized she was an elf! It’s quite easy to tell when you just look at the ears.
“Ok, so first off,” Adonis raised his finger in the air like he was king of the world. “I guess if we are going to be traveling together we should know each other’s names.” He pointed to himself. “The names Adonis, and this,” He said gesturing towards me. “Is, Shorty.” I felt my face go hot with anger. “SHORTY IS NOT MY NAME! WILL YOU STOP CALLING ME THAT?” I looked at the two and smiled, though my anger was far from gone. “My name is Nairi.” I said
“B-bly.” The girl said
“And I am former captain of the royal guard Xander Bolivar.” He bowed formally. He smiled at me. “So how old are you exactly? Ten, Eleven?”
I didn’t get as mad at him as I do at Adonis because it was a normal question, but I still said this through gritted teeth “I.Am.16.”
He looked at me mystified for a second then snapped back. “My apologies.” He said bowing again.
I smiled. “No need to be so formal.” I said.
“Ok now.” Adonis said. “Were do we go from here exactly? It is getting dark and we have absolutely nowhere to stay, except out in the open were any solder can find us.
“He has a point.” Xander said, he looked like he was thinking. Then he said something to Adonis and he said something back. I decided to leave them be and talk about whatever it was. Most likely places to stay, but you never know with boys.
I decided to go talk to Bly she looked so alone just standing there. “Hi.” I said smiling at her.
She blinked at me “H-hi” she said. Man she seemed so shy.
“I just thought since the boys are chatting over there I would come over here and talk to you.” I smiled at her, and she smiled back. Well at least the best she seemed she could manage.
“So since we are apparently going to be traveling together , I thought I should ask you to be my friend?” I smiled again and extended my hand. She took it, and I guess at that moment I made my first real friend.


  1. I'm getting the feeling that Adonis is a bit arrogant. And nice sticking to the character's attrbutes, I hope I will be able to when it's my turn.

  2. Adonis, arrogant? XD XD

    Really good job Kathrine! You stayed right with my character's selfs, which, I'll admit, I was a worried hen over how they'd be written. But you've laid my fears to rest. ^.^

  3. Awwwwwww thanks guys you know I didn't think it was good and I wasn't sure I portrayed them right so I feel good thanks =)And about Adonis did it just now become obvious hahaha