Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Xander {Part 2}

"Things hadn't really gone the way I had planned.  The course things were supposed to take was simple, I was going to visit the ambassador, settle with myself she really was a threat to Icantevole security and well being of the general population, then return to my day, and forget all about her. Well, that didn't happen. She was an Elf, which at first startled me, why would King Felix imprison an Elf? And then she was so tiny, scared and helpless, how could such a person be bad? And then the matter of Tenzin and what I overheard Felix and that woman talking about. They had killed the old Elvish ambassador without a second thought. They meant to kill him. And then, Andromeda and Felix saying his heart wasn't "Adequate"? I didn't understand any of it, but knew the prisoner needed to be freed. 
Even that didn't go according to plan, now did it?"

Xander sighed, and tied Ciar and Rudy to a nearby tree, "Sleeping in the forest isn't the safest, you know".  The short feisty, girl tossed her head, "Afraid of animals, are we?".  Adonis, the dragon, rolled his eyes, "Shorty, can you not manage one remark without being rude?" 
"I AM NOT SHORTY! And you're one to talk about rudeness!" The girl stomped up to Adonis, her short height giving her the comical appearance of a angry child. 
Xander turned away from the fighting pair, lest he chuckle and be drawn into a scuffle he had no desire to pursue. 
He noticed Bly sitting alone on a log a few paces away. She was Petting a robin who had landed on her shoulder, but her eyes were elsewhere, farther away in the past or future. 
"Hey, mind if I sit?" Xander walked over and motioned to her rather wooden seat. 
Bly jumped slightly, causing the robin to fly off, and scooted over to make room for him. 
She folded her hands in her lap, and looked down at them, not saying anything. 
Xander rubbed the back of his neck, how should he express his sympathy for her loss? Did Elves have any customs for comforting another? Would he insult her by bringing it up? 
Remarkably, she spoke first. 
"Thank you, Captain" she glanced over her shoulder, presumably to make sure the girl and dragon-man were far enough away to not hear. "You didn't need to save me, you put yourself at risk, but you stuck by me, and have helped me more then I can every help you, I'm sure" 
Xander shrugged, "I consider it, for me, repaying a debt to your race to save you. Plus, my Mother taught me to love Elves, seeing you captured and so..." now he couldn't very well say weak or pitiful, that would surely insult her, "...so frightened" that seemed like a good substitute. "Hurt my heart. Anyone who would willingly injure an Elf, particularly one who has done no wrong and is helpless, isn't to be trusted". 
Bly looked up at him, and his heart dropped a few levels at the beauty of her eyes, and how strongly she could stare if she pleased. "Debt? And why did your mother have such a love for my people?" she broke her gaze, and drew back into her hesitant shell, "I'm sorry if I ask questions that shouldn't be asked by a stranger, it's not my place to-" 
Xander put his hand on her shoulder, "Bly, it's ok. I don't know what Elvish customs are, but asking a question is no crime" 
She nodded, and plucked at her filthy dress. 
"Now, I believe you were asking why my Mother taught me to love Elves, and why I have a debt?" Xander smiled at her, and she just shrugged absently. 
Inwardly he sighed, this girl was going to take a lot of ice breaking. 
"My mother was raised by elves"
Bly looked up in surprise, "Raised? Was she a half race?" 
Xander started to say no, but sighed, "I don't know. And neither did she. My Grandmother went straight to a Elven midwife, it's said, and died shortly after. Leaving my newborn mother in the midwife's care. Not knowing who the child's father was, nor who the Mother truly was either, The midwife raised my Mother herself" 
Bly seemed interested now, "It is rare for a Elven midwife to assist in a human's birth. But, of course if the woman needed help, neither would she refuse to assist" 
Xander nodded, "My Mother grew up under the care and teachings of your race, and was only human in appearance.  You know, you remind me of her a lot. She was quiet, gentle, and didn't often voice her opinion or desires" 
Bly ducked her head, and Xander wondered if he had insulted her. But she looked up before to long, "It is one of my short comings" 
"It makes you a sweet person" 
She blushed, and waved her hand, "P-please, continue your story, if it isn't to much to ask" 
He grinned, glad she had requested something without to much stutters, only one, to be exact. 
"My Father was a Captain when he met her.  His family were stout supporters of The royal line. Felix was newly king, and they thought he was the embodiment of hope and change.  My Father had no love for races outside of his own, but when he saw my Mother on one of her rare trips into Aragathia, he wanted her.  That's where her lack of decision got her wronged. She didn't have the back none to decline him, and without the counsel of her wiser Adopted family, she married him" 
Xander was glaring at the plants around him, he had no love for his Father, and didn't bother to hide it. 
Bly rested her hand on his arm, "You are not close to the man who fathered you" 
Xander relaxed his glare, and sighed, "No. He pretty much abandoned my Mother and I, and didn't even come when she was dying. And then, his low morals and care for any life outside of his own..." 
Bly slipped her hand into his and squeezed with a surprisingly firm grip. "I'm sorry, Captain"
Her sympathy and gentle voice was so much like his Mothers, it surprised him. 
"So, she married a man she felt no love for nor connection of mind to?" You continued for him. 
"Yes. And I was born shortly after.  My Mother never got to visit her Elven family, my Father didn't permit it. After I was born, he bought a tiny cottage, placed my mother and I in it, and went back to Aragathia. Pretty much leaving us alone" 
"How sad, a boy needs a Father figure in his life" Bly whispered. 
Xander felt touched by how greatly she was concerned, were all Elves this heartfelt? 
"I did visit him as I grew older, I think he wanted to get me used to a Soldier's life from a young age. Often I would have to leave my Mother for a month at a time, and live with him in the barracks. He left strict orders with my Mother that I was to be taught to read, shoot, and fence beyond my age level. When I was 7, I brought back an illness that had been circulating Aragathia that had been dubbed "Soldier's Throat". It had been brought into the city by a Soldier, and it spread rapidly.  I don't remember much, as I was in a high fever, but I remember my Mother nursing me, then it wasn't her, but a new face. When I came out of my Fever, I realized my Mother herself had fallen ill, and somehow an old Elvish woman had come to our aid" he closed his eyes tightly, and felt Bly squeeze his hand again, "Mother died 7 days later". 
Bly drew her breath in sadly, "I'm so sorry, Captain. Death is..." 
"Hard" Xander finished for her. She nodded, and wiped away a tear. 
"I moved in with an Older cousin from my Father's side, then entered official training at age 13. I graduated at 16, and I quickly rose in ranks to where I am now, or, was" 
He sighed, "But the point I was making, my Mother loved your people strongly, and she taught that love to me. And then, if that old Elven woman, how I wish I knew her name, hadn't come, both me and my Mother would've died from that sickness. Your people have done so much for my Family, the least I can do is to rescue one of their ambassadors"
Bly nodded, "I thank you" 
Xander stood up, "Well, I'd better go draw Adonis out.  They are still tossing words at each other over there, if we don't do something, they might kill each other". 
Bly smirked, "I don't think so" 
Xander chuckled, "and why don't you think so? That Nary-"
"Nairi" Bly corrected. 
"ah, yes. Nairi girl has already got her fists balled up" 
Bly laughed, it was light and tinkly, "I just don't think they will, that's all". 
Xander smirked, he would have to get her to laugh again. 

So, I know, this isn't much of a chapter. No new development, but more of a filler. But I wanted to get the talking out of the way for Xander. ;) 
And don't let Bly fool you, she is terribly perceptive. XD 


  1. Oh, and yeah, that's Christian Bale. ^.^ I've picked him as the portrayal of Xander.


    1. I am in tears this time... love the perspective you gave this story!

  2. That was AWESOME I'm glad you portrayed my characters right I wasn't to worried you wouldn't but you know you can't help but worry sometimes lol