Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anakis (Part 2)

   I awoke in a hut.   I panicked for a minute, then remembered asking for shelter from the lion.   And that wonderful boy.   I sighed.   Prid, yes, that was his name.   What a beautiful name.   Prid.   I sighed again and awoke Natia.   "What is it?" she grumbled.
   "Wake up, will you?   You slept all day and night!"
   "So did you!"
   "Yes, but now it's time to get up."
   "You're right," she said hopping up and grabbing her bag.   "We need to leave."
   "Why?"   I didn't want to leave Prid.   "We just got here!"
   "We need to move on to the battlefront.   Help the soldiers.   I thought that was what you wanted to do, Anakis."
   "I do!  But we're, um, tired and um, we need to, um, rest?"
   "You just don't want to leave that hotshot, Pidle."
   "Prid.   You seemed to be quite drawn by him."
   "He's just nice, that's all."
   "Nice.   Right."   She would have rolled her eyes, if it wasn't for her fairy politeness.
   "He is!"
   Natia was about to speak when that lion came in.   He looked at the two of us, then motioned us outside.   Natia gave me a look that said, This isn't over, then turned to follow the lion.   I followed without a word.
   Prid was outside roasting fish over an open fire.   "Are you two hungry?"   He smiled at us.
   "No, thank you." said Natia.   "We were just leaving."
   "Yes.   You see, sir.."
   "Call me Prid."
   "You see, sir, we need to go to the battlefield and help the soldiers.   That's why we're here."   Natia looked down.   "Thank you for you're hospitality, but..."
   "This is what I wanted to talk to you about.   Uncle and I have talked, and I shall accompany you two to the battlefield and I shall begin my duty as a soldier.   You see, I am eighteen today."
   "Oh, happy birthday!" I said!
   He frowned.   "Only I have to leave the ones I love."   He sighed.   "Get you're horse and centaur ready and wait for me.   Come, Uncle."   He walked behind the hut.
   "I wonder what he's doing," said Natia.   I shrugged and hopped on Derpa.   All of the sudden, we heard a massive roar.   Derpa and Soot started.   We turned to see not one, but two lions coming toward us.   One was Prid!   
   "I'm angry!  Let's go!"
   "Why are you angry?" asked Natia.
   "I have to be!   I don't have a horse!   Gidy-up!" he said to Derpa and Soot.   We left without a word.