Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kaymele (part 2)

    Once we reached the castle I know I have to find Father and warn him of the coming danger.  I know that Locien is planning something terrible, and we must stop him before it's too late.  I find Father in the Starlight Cavern, looking into the pool, in the center of the room, and gazing into the clear water and his reflection.
    The Starlight Cavern is the starting place of all Merpeople.  I was born mermaid, but my mother became one when she, Ada, Naneth, Arthion, Rimedur, Vanya, Anira, and Santiel all jumped into the pool on the night of the Full Moon.  It transformed them into mermaids and mermen, now anyone can simply ask the Council if they can have their tail, or remove it.
    But now none of that matters to me as I walk towards Father.  I see a tear fall from his cheek into the water below and I stop short wondering if I should approach now, or wait.  He hears my foot steps and turns to welcome me; but I don't wait another moment.
    'I know what happened to Eleniel,' fighting back tears, 'it was Locien, he had her murdered by Cave Trolls while he must have run to the caves.'
    'How did you come by this knowledge?' asks Father now looking angry.
    'I was looking for him and I found him in the abandoned caves.  He is planning on killing someone else, yet I know not who,' I answer.
    No sooner had I said anything had Father rushed out of the chamber with his face turning bright red. He shouts for the guards to assemble, and soon they are lined up and awaiting orders.  They leave for the caves to find the Cave Trolls, and Locien.
    When the last officer is out of sight I see Locien dash away from the castle and into the deep woods.  Without thinking I grab my hunting knife and a hunk of bread and set off to chase him down.  'Don't stop until he stops,' I think, 'he thinks no one saw him and will go to sleep sometime, I hope,' I keep running after him taking care to cover my tracks just in case he doubles back.  Finally I see him walking at a leisurely pace, and then throw down his pack to make camp.  I hide behind a tree and wait for night to fall.  I eat some of the bread and watch as he builds a small fire and prepares for bed.  I see he has rope in his pack, and I also see that he is going to sleep with a knife in his hands.  I groan silently, and wait until the fire is low before I make my move.  He is leaning his back against a tree.
    I creep along the edge of the woods before I reach for the pack a few inches away from his feet, pulling out the rope I make a noose; not for hanging, but restraint.  He moves, I freeze and see my chance immediately.  Softly I loop the noose around his neck and tie the rope tightly around the tree, and slip the knife out of his hand and replace it with a short, smooth branch about the same size.
    'Wake up murder!' I shout at him.
    He tries to jump up but nearly chokes himself on the noose.  'Kaymele, what are you doing?' asked Locien trying to look innocent.
    'I'm here to bring you to justice,' I say gritting my teeth.
    'I haven't done anything, what are you talking about?' snorted Locien.
    'You had my sister killed, cut her halfway open!  And you say you haven't done anything,' I shout, and slap his face.
    'So you finally caught me,' he laughs, 'so what do you plan on doing to me, hang me, torture me with your knife, cut me open like I had your sister.' he spits and tries to loosen the noose.
    'Not one more move,' I say holding the knife to his throat, 'it will be easy to slit your throat, but that's too good for someone as low as you.'
    I remove the knife and pace infront of him.  I could throw him into the river with a rock tied to his feet, but that's not going to be enough.  I grab him from behind and cut his both his cheeks slowly.  He doesn't cry out in pain, at least not yet.
    'Why did you have my sister killed?' I ask tapping the knife against my hand.
    'I wasn't to be king when she was crowned queen because I am not of your race. She created a document, because she was so loving to me, and put my name in for everything that could make me a king, I wasn't going to wait for her to gain the crown and have some say in everything.  Your parents were next to die, I made the Cave Trolls an offer they couldn't refuse.  If I myself were to be found out before I was crowned king, and killed.  The Trolls were to have everything.  So either way your family dies, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.  If you kill me you'll have no proof of anything I have said, and your sister would not be avenged if you let me live.  The choice is yours,' he says in his snarky way.
    'What, makes you so sure I won't kill you in an instant,' I say running the knife across the top of his head, the blood dripping into his eyes.
    'Because you would never disappoint your sister,' hoarsely whispers Locien.
    I stop and stare into his wicked black eyes.  'I will never disappoint my sister, you killed her for no reason  accept for your own selfish gain.' I shout, 'My father will never allow the Trolls back into our city, and your plans will not succeed.  I will go to my death knowing that I have avenged her death!' with that final word, I plunge my knife into his stomach, and slowly work my knife deeper and deeper into his body, and I pull it up his chest wrenching it as hard as I can.  His blood and intestine juices squirt onto my sky blue dress and my face.  I ignore his cries for help and mercy, his screams get louder and louder with every cut of the knife.
    'Nin gurth indome tegi trasta o le, (My death will bring trouble to you)' whispers Locien.
    'Then I will face that trouble with as much anger as did with you,' I stab the knife into his throat.
    With blood running out of his mouth and his intestines falling out, he chokes on his own blood and dies.  He stared at me with unblinking eyes that seemed to laugh at me, and I punched them out.
    I look at him now the light of the moon his eyes forever staring at me from the ground where they lay.  I look down at my hands, covered with blood and filth from him, and the knife, also covered in blood, gleams red in the moonlight.  I break down and weep 'I killed him... I really killed him, in blind anger I killed another, and for what... revenge.' I kneel down beside him and untie his bonds.  I run my hands over my face, smearing the blood and gore.  Slowly I uncover my eyes, and without thinking run my fingers through my hair, look up to the stars and slip into unconsciousness.

I hope this isn't too graphic for y'all.  I can always rewrite...


  1. No! I like it as is.

    Well, that sounded crude of me.....XD

    It's just that you have to hurt your characters, if it was all gentle, it wouldn't be real to life, KWIM?

  2. It sounds prettier than Lord of the Rings! :)

  3. I probably would do the same to my sister's killer.