Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nairi (part 1)

 “I will not allow it!” One of the council members yelled.
 Right now the council was discussing if I was to leave the city to search and join the rebel army to defeat out Tyrant king or not.
“But she volunteered!” Another member shouted. I just sat there wondering when they were going to decide yes or no I was really ready just to get on with it.  
“I think she should be able to.” The eldest member of our council said. “It is her choice and I think she has a justified reason, she is 16 which I believe is old enough to travel on her own…..so all in favor.” Over half the council raised their hands and as soon as I saw that I thought ‘yes score one for Nairi ‘
“All opposed.”  Three people raised their hands.
And as soon as the chief said I may go I jumped out of my seat and screamed “Yes! Ground here I come!” I covered my mouth as soon as I realized what I had said. I got a few “What in the world is wrong with that girl" looks. But I didn’t care I was going down to the ground and I was going to avenge my brother’s death.
As soon as I thought about him dying a cringed a bit and had to choke off the tears, because I wasn’t going to let the council see me cry. I got up and bowed “Thank you for allowing me permission I will go and get ready now.” I Straitened and left the room without a word.
As soon as I got out of the doors I ran straight for home. “MOM!!!!” I burst in yelling.
My mom looked at me startled. “What is it Honey.”
“They said yes.” I was practically jumping I was bouncing so fast.
The look of surprise was replaced by shock on my mom’s face. “They did?”
“Yes they did.”I smiled at her.
 Mom sighed and looked at me. “I’m very proud of you honey, taking a stand for what you believe in but,” She paused and looked distant for a minute then continued “I just don’t want to lose another child.” She looked like she was about to cry
“Mom, please don’t cry I’ll be fine I have my powers and when I go up against the king I won’t be alone I will be with the rebels, so don’t worry mom I’ll come home safe.” I smiled at her and she smiled back at me.
“All right,” she said as she stood “I have been saving this for an occasion like today.” She headed to the back of the house and returned with a sword. She handed it to me “This was your fathers.” She said as she handed it to me “I was going to give it to your brother but,” She trailed off for a second but quickly came back “Anyway for protection if your powers should fail you.” She smiled at me and I wanted to cry.
“Thanks mom.” I hugged her and I couldn’t keep the tears locked up ant longer and I cried on her for so many reasons, but mostly because I had kept in the tears that threatened to come when I found out my brother had died. It had hurt so bad and it still does, but I wanted to be strong, but now I think maybe sometimes it’s better to lean on people.
“Shhh, shhh, It will be fine.” My mom said as she stroked my head.
When I finally got up the nerve to dry my eyes I looked up at my mom, seeing as she was a bit taller than me, and said “All right mom, I’m ready now.” I gave her the best smile I could offer and she walked me to the edge of our floating city.
My mom looked at me fondly and kissed me on the cheek “Are you ready dear?”
“Yes, but let me do just one last thing.”  I bent down and lay on the cloudy soft ground I had known my whole life and thought about all the fond memories and even the bad. When I was done sucking it all in me got up and sighed “Ok mom I’m ready now.”
“Good on the count of three...One….two,”
“Wait, mom how do I not die when I hit the,”
“Three.” She said and pushed me off the city.
I Screamed half the way down then figured it was too late to do anything so I thought about the possibilities ok so one I was going to die, hopefully not, Two I break a whole lot of bones, Ugh, neither of them sound promising. As soon as I thought that I started to feel branches and thought her it comes but when I hit the ground I didn’t die, I was so surprised then realized I had fallen on something soft I got up and looked and realized I had landed on a guy! He looked about my age with Red shaggy hair that covered his ears and looked really tall though I couldn’t tell because he was lying down.
“Oh, no.”  I shouted I checked his breathing, he wasn’t. “Oh, no.” I backed away from him and put my hands to my mouth. “I killed him!" I was terrified, I didn't mean to kill him, then a thought crossed my mind And I said it aloud. "Oh great what am I going to do with him?”
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH.” He screamed as he shot up of the ground. I screamed in terror and hit him in the face.
“Ow,” He said as he rubbed his face “what was that for?”
“You –you – you’re alive.” I stammered.
“Of course I’m alive,” He said laughing “But you should have seen you face you were all like,” He made an attempt at mimicking my face but it looked terrible. “So why are little girls falling out of the sky today?” He asked me still laughing.
I don’t know what it is about this guy but he ticks me off. “First, I AM NOT A LITTLE GIRL I’m 16 thank you, and as for the sky I am a Ceridwen, we live in the sky.” I pointed up to make sure he understood. But the look on his face was different then understanding it looks like curiosity.
“You are 16?” He poked me like he was afraid I wasn’t there. “You,” He choked back on a laugh “You’re so small!” He said falling backwards with laughter. My anger seethed inside me.
“Wow you’re a jerk.” I yelled. He stopped laughing and looked me strait in the eyes I just realized his were gold.
“Sorry, Shorty got a temper huh.” He laughed at his joke.
 Again my anger was kindled. “My name in Nairi not Shorty”
“All right then Nairi,” He turned around. “Bye.” He waved his hand and started to walk away.
When he did that all the anger seemed to leave me and the thought of being alone in this forest scared me a bit. “Hey wait.” I called running after him but he just kept walking. So I figured I just follow him till he talked to me.
We walked for a few minutes when he suddenly stopped, and I nearly ran into him, he spun around and looked down at me and sighed. It wasn’t till then I realized how tall he was I only barley stood up strait to his chest. “Why are you following me?” He sounded angry.
I shrugged at his question. “Because I don’t know where to go, I don’t want to be alone, and you are the best shot I’ve got.” I smiled at him but he didn’t seemed pleased, then he suddenly turned around walked up some steps to a shack, I hadn’t even seen before, and shut the door. “Hey!” I yelled.
I ran up the steps and started banging on the door till he finally opened it.
“Go away.” He said and sounded really angry.
“I can’t.” I stood my ground even if he did scare me a bit.
“And why not.” He seemed to snarl at me.
“Because there is somewhere I need to get, and admit ably I can’t get there alone.”
I looked him dead in the eye which must have surprised him because he said “Where are you trying to go?”
I smiled at him “Why, the kings palace of course.”


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