Monday, September 17, 2012

Natia (Part 2)

 "I'm Prid, and this is Anakis and Natia."   Prid looked at the elf girl.  "As you saw, I am half lion, and these two are, um..."   He stopped and looked at Anakis and me.   "What are you, again?"   Anakis looked to me.
   "We're, um, humans," I said.   "Yeah, small humans.   Yeah."   I glanced nervously at the elf girl.
   She didn't seem to be buying it, but she shrugged and said, "Well, where are you going?"
   "We're going to the battlefield.   Anakis and Natia are determined to help the wounded there.   I am to be a soldier."   He paused.   I thought for sure I saw a tear in his eye.   "Anyway, where are you three going?"
   "We are going to the same place." the elf boy said.
   "Then let us go together, neighbor," said Prid.   I am sorry, but I shan't be much for conversation as we travel."   Prid told them his story.
   "My, my," said the elf girl.    "You've had quite an exciting life.   Now I shall tell you my story." she began.


  1. Kayla, I'll leave you to this part. Sorry it's short!

  2. Hey it's good and all Natia chapters seem to be so short lol

  3. Poor Natia! She always gets such short chapters! Lol

  4. ~Poor Natia! She always gets such short chapters! Lol

    LOL Is that pun intended?

    Anyway, short chapters are fine, and needed sometimes.