Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bly {Part 1}

Strange the way dreams often mix reality with imagination.  This dream was filled with turbulent winds and water hitting her face, the sound of a giant chain being drug across a stone castle. In her dream she stood with her back to the stone castle, and watched as some dark shadow covered the sky.  There was a cry for help, a familiar cry, she looked up. In the parapets of the castle, Tenzin stood.  He was mouthing something, run?
She couldn’t move though, as dreams often make your feet turn to rock, and hold you to the ground which is in peril.
She could only watch, watch as Tenzin was slowly swallowed into the black void that had chewed the sky, and she could only watch as it came nearer to her. The giant chain moved faster, clinking and scraping against the castle now, louder, and louder, more and more overbearing.

Bly sat up, rubbing her eyes, and feeling water on her face, Had it rained while she had slept? But the action of moving her hand towards her face, had brought a clinking, scraping noise of a chain. 
A chain was attached to her wrist, and was secured to a nearby stone wall, giving her about 5 feet of roaming space.
“W-whats…” she began to panic, what had happened? Why was she here, in this prison cell, a leaky prison cell at that, and chained to a wall?
“So, the sleeping prisoner awakes, ‘bout time, Elf”  She jerked up right, yanking her wrist painfully on the chain, as the prison guard spoke. She hadn’t noticed him there.
“Tenzin, where is Tenzin?” She asked quickly, but her voice cracked, and sounded pitifully small and gentle. Oh why couldn’t she at least demand information without such a mouse voice?
“The old Elf guy? Dunno, they didn’t bring him down here with you. Probably didn’t make it out of the scuffle” The Prison guard chuckled, and leaned against the bars of her cell, “I’ve heard it said Elves are cunning warriors, but you two, what are you? Defects?” He walked off laughing.
Bly felt her heart rate pick up again, this damned fear. It always got in her way, always made her weak.  Elves were supposed to be brave, and level headed, not weak and emotional.
Like she was.
She walked to the cold stone wall, and sat beside where her chain was secured into the wall, what had happened? She must have hit her head, or something, why couldn’t she remember?
“Calm down, Bly, think. What is the last you can remember?” She asked herself, straightening her dress, once white, but now marred with green streaks due to the filthy slime on the cell floor and walls.
“We were settling a minor dispute with King Felix about us having our own troops. We had pacified him, and had headed home. We had gotten to Needlewood, and had camped for the night….” She sighed, and leaned her head on her crossed arms. “I made the fire, and Tenzin went to the stream to fill our water containers, he liked the water from Needlewood’s streams, and then…”
No memory, no faint stirring of her mind’s eye, nothing.
“Tenzin, where are you? You were always there to reassure me, and now, I’m all alone. I don’t like this”
Bly clenched her fists, and closed her eyes tightly, trying to block out the tears she bid to not come.
“I’m weak. I’m weak and pathetic; I don’t deserve to even carry the name of Elf. I’m not dignified, or courtly, or refined. I’m weak, simple minded, and pathetic.  Oh Tenzin, where are you?!”


  1. Ashley that has to be even better than The Lord of the Rings prologue! WOW I was totally captivated.

    1. Kayla, that has GOT to be the best compliment I've ever received. I honestly was on cloud 9 all that night after you commented. ^.^ Thank you.