Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Adonis (Part 1)

Ok, first off, when it starts raining girls you are a little surprised, especially when you get crushed by one. When Nairi crushed me I didn’t know what to make of it, and then she started telling me she wants to go to the king’s palace. I laughed. “You want to go to the king’s palace? Wow you make me laugh, little girl.”
The look of determination she had a few seconds ago was replaced by anger. “I told you I’m 16.” She snapped.
Man, this girl had a temper, though not saying I don’t. “Ok listen,” I said “Let’s make a deal.” I had an idea, “OK, first off, I will be so kind as to tell you my name is Adonis, and I am half dragon. But the dragon council looks down upon humans. So they kicked me out, and  I’ve been thinking  to try and get myself back into the council and my uncles favor I should kill this king guy, because he has been taking the dragons by force and making them his fighters. And I don’t think my dear old Uncle like’s that very much.”
The look on Nairi’s face was hard to describe. It was a mix between surprised and angered. “Are you serious? Your own kind kicked you out? That’s harsh.” She looked a bit mad and it made me feel kind of happy, that at least one person cared, but my thoughts were interrupted by Nairi “So, what’s this deal?” She asked in a very matter of fact tone. She looked me dead in the eye with her piercing blue ones, for some reason it felt like she could see right through me, could see all my secrets, I felt like I should hide. “Well what is it?” She said moving a strand of black hair from her face.
“Ok, if I promise to get you there safely you have to promise to let me kill the king got it.”
She looked kind of sad for a moment then looked up at me in a movement that made her long waist length hair ripple all the way down “Fine.” She said “As long as I see him suffer.” It surprised me that she said this even if she seemed bad tempered and annoying she didn’t seem like the person to say something like that. But I could tell from her face I shouldn’t ask. “So shall we be off then.” I said as I stepped out of my little shack and past her.
 “Ya.” She said as she ran to catch up to me. “So how far away is it?” She asked as she looked up at me.
“Don’t worry it’s not too far, actually it’s just on the other side of this forest.”  We walked for a little while then I stepped out into the bright day light and pointed to a huge stone wall surrounding a large dull stone castle. “That is the king’s palace.” I said making a grand gesture for effect.
Nairi’s expression wasn’t what I expected it to be instead of surprised or in awe she looked angry as if the castle were her worst enemy.
“All right, Shorty let’s get going.”
 I turned towards the castle and I heard her stomp her foot. “I AM NOT SHORT AND MY NAME IS NAIRI!” Then she ran after me.
When we finally reached the castle gates Nairi suddenly stopped. “Hey Adonis, do you hear that?”
I listened then realized what she meant. It sounded like shouting.