Sunday, September 16, 2012

Andromeda (part 1)

 Andromeda soaked in the heat of the water, enjoying its sweet caress. Bathing had become a strange delight to her. Water that she once feared now cleaned the body that she now possessed.
  Her newest body wasn’t much different from the last one, black hair, fair skin, and the constant violet eyes that took over the host’s former color. And though human bodies were disgusting and shed constantly, bathing was a no doubt perk.

 Her musings were cut short from the loud angry footfalls coming up the stairs.
 Felix came barging in, the wind of his entry blowing out a few candles. He grabbed a bottle out of the wine cabinet, the good wine that he kept hidden there.

“Trouble?” She asked.
“That elf wench has escaped-,” Felix took a sip of wine before continuing.”-and it is been reported that Xander helped her, the traitor. When I find him I’m going to have horses tied to his limbs and set the beasts loose!”

“And you shall. Later. But do not worry so much, my love.”
  Andromeda grabbed her robe as she got out of the tub and covered herself. She gently lowered the wine glass from Frelix’s lips and set it on a nearby table.

“Here, sit down.” Andromeda led him to a cushioned chair and began to massage his temples, weaving a small spell to relax him. Felix’s tense muscles eased and the knot in his brain undone. Pleased with herself, Andromeda moved her skilled hands to his neck and shoulders.
  Felix was so relaxed that he almost forgot to tell her something else.

“Xander might know of our plans.”
Andromeda’s hands paused.,” Are you sure?”

“I caught him outside the door after we had discussed it. By the way he quickly dismissed himself, I can only assume…”
“Mmh…” Andromeda looked up at the air, studying it as if it had the answers, before shaking her head.

“If he tells it to the wrong people it could slow our efforts. But I sense that the ones we need are coming together nicely. So even if he did tell, there is not much they could do at this stage.”
Andromeda continued with her caressing.

“Besides, he may even lead us to them.”
How's this?