Friday, September 14, 2012

Bly { Part 2 }

“I thought the officer had behaved odd, the way he had acted like I was a terror, or a monster. It was odd.  But I had drifted back asleep after he and the guard had left, and their voices faded away into the dark.  Sleep helped me to stop worrying, and eased the fear.  Sometimes my dreams were little better then my reality, but at least they were only dreams, and I could wake up from them”.

She was awakened by the sound of her door slowly creaking open.  She tried to will herself to remain still, but fear caused her to sit up again, and face whoever was creeping into her cell.
It was him, the same man who had been so surprised to see she was an Elf earlier.
“W-what do you want?” Bly asked quickly, backing away from him, and feeling her pulse quicken like a trapped field mouse’s.
“I’m not going to hurt you, but keep your voice down.  Juno is a thick sleeper, and the pipe I let him smoke a few hours ago was drugged, but I don’t want to risk it, should we be caught, my career would be ruined, and I’d like to keep my position as Captain” He crouched opposite of her, far enough away to not alarm her even more, but close enough that his hushed voice could be heard.
Bly swallowed hard, and tried to force her face into a look of peace and control, “Who are you? What’s your name? And, where is Tenzin?”
At least her voice didn’t crack, that was a triumph.
He smiled; it was easily given, and seemed tinted with a bit of remorse, “I’m Captain Xander Bolivar, but you can just call me Xander, most do.  I know you want answers to everything right now, but I can’t give them to you. Trust me, alright? I need to get you out of here, and sitting around talking is wasting minutes” He pulled a key from his uniform, and began unlocking her chains.
Bly fidgeted, “I have no reason to trust you. You wear the uniform of the one who has me imprisoned” she gave herself a mental hug for such a grand speech and without ending with mumbles at that!
Captain Bolivar, Xander, sighed, “I know, I know, but listen, I’m the only chance you have to get out, you want to take that chance, don’t you? What is the worse that could befall you? You end up back in this cell. Or dead, which, I assure you; you will be before too long anyway. If you don’t trust me, you have no hope of every getting home again” His voice was urgent, and earnest, and she felt she could trust him.
“Use your Elf magical powers, can I be trusted?” He continued, and Bly felt a laugh coming up at the way he was so open, and wiggled his fingers when he said ‘Elf Magical powers’.
“I don’t have any ‘Elf magical powers’” She copied his hand movements, causing him to duck his head and smile, “But I am going to trust you, Captain Bolivar”.
His smile grew, “Good, now, come along” He stood up, and held his hand out to her.
Bly looked at his black gloved hand, she had said she would trust him, yet dare she put her hand in the man’s?  Who knew what crimes he had committed in the King’s name, could she, and should she, really and truly trust him?
‘Sometimes an Ambassador must go out on the edge of cliffs to win, Bly. It takes just as much courage to be an ambassador as a warrior, and just as much trust as a child, and enough cunning to know where to draw the line. Go out on a cliff, feel the wind, and succeed’ Tenzin’s words came back to her, and she looked into Captain Bolivar’s waiting eyes, “I trust you” she whispered, and placed her hand in his.
He jerked her forward, breaking into a run from the cell, “We must hurry, it’s still barely morning, and the servants won’t be completely out yet.  And hopefully the ones that are will just think I’m getting a lady out of the palace to save her honor, and mine”.
Bly felt her cheeks heat up at the idea of the appearance such a thing would give, but kept her mouth shut, she had set her feet upon the road to the cliff, and there was no stopping now.
He pulled her along behind him, randomly stopping, and yanking her an opposite direction when nearly encountering a servant, and finally led her to the stables.
“I’m going to let you go on Rudy” He led her to a part of the stable where the Captain’s horses were stalled. 
The slight tinge of remorse that tinted his voice didn’t escape her, “You cherish him?” she patted the nose of a gentle black who poked his head out at the early morning newcomers.
Captain Bolivar sighed, and led Rudy, a huge bay horse with a black mane and tail from a padded stall, and began saddling him.  “Me and Rudy have been through a lot, and while he may not be as sleek and graceful as your Elvin horses, I’ll be sad to see him go. But, he is smart, and he will get you to safety quicker than any other horse in the King’s stables”.
Bly blew into Rudy’s nose, “I promise, Captain, if there is ever a chance I can return him to you, I shall”
Captain Bolivar smiled, and gave Rudy’s saddle a final cinch, “Just take good care of him, eh?  Just don’t let him get too spoiled in your Elvin stables”
He helped her up, and sighed, “Listen, before you go, I have two things to tell you. The first pertains to your safety. I know you are going to want to head straight home to whatever Elf city you hail from, but don’t. Try to find the rebels, and work with them to get back. They will expect you to go straight back, and will ambush you before you get there” Bly nodded, she did want to get home, home where she could be safe, and warm, and…”Tenzin? What of him?” She asked, her fingers tightening on the reigns.
Captain Bolivar sighed, “He, didn’t…make it out of the ambush”
The words dropped like an ice crystal upon her heart, piercing and shattering.
“He, died?” She felt her eyes fill with tears, and for once didn’t care that she was showing weakness.
“I really am sorry, Miss.  But apparently he had tried to fight them off, and…” Captain Bolivar frowned, “They said you saw him die, and screamed before falling unconscious, do you not, remember?”
Bly shook her head, “I can’t remember anything” for once, gratitude for not remembering flooded her. At least she didn’t have the memory haunting her dreams, her soul, and her thoughts.
“I am sorry, its apparent you were close to him” Captain Bolivar reached up, and touched her hand, his eyes full of true grief for her.
Bly nodded her head, “He was my teacher, I learned everything from him. I have spent more time with Tenzin then my parents” she wiped the tears away; Tenzin would will her to be strong, and continue clear headedly with the mission at hand. “I thank you, Sir, for your assistance, without your aid, I surely would be still chained and locked away”
Captain Bolivar backed away, “It is an honor to assist an Elf. Take care of Rudy for me, and stick with back alleys until you leave the city limits!” He raised his hand to slap Rudy’s rump, but the sounds of shouting and pounding feet froze him.
Bly felt her mouth go dry, and tightened her grip on the reigns, “They couldn’t have discovered me already, C-could they, Captain?”
Captain Bolivar frowned, “It isn’t a normal routine for the guard to go  shouting so early in the morning, pardon me miss, but I think I might have to share a seat with you” He swung up behind her on the horse, and reached around to hold Rudy’s reigns.
Bly sputtered, “B-but, C-captain, maybe i-it isn’t m-me they are, are searching for, perhaps, m-maybe you aren’t in danger”
She felt a sort of guilt over Tenzin’s death, maybe if she had fought their attackers instead of being a coward, as she knew she most likely was even if she couldn’t remember it, perhaps he wouldn’t have been killed, or at least she would have been slayed beside him. She didn’t want to guilt of making this nice man lose his position.
“Perhaps, but….” Captain Bolivar clicked to Rudy, and they sped from the stable.
Bly had let go of the reigns, giving all control to this man who she dared trust, and gripped Rudy’s black mane in her white knuckled hands.
‘But what?’ she wondered ‘He helps me, then is prepared to flee? Why does he risk so much?’
Rudy and Captain Bolivar rode as one, the bond between horse and rider seemed to create an auora of friendship, and when they were trotting in a back alley, the shouting just muffled noises behind them, The Captain leaned forward, whispering in her ear, and much to closely for comfort, “It strikes me, Fair Elf, I haven’t gotten your name”.
Bly blushed, and fidgeted, Oh how she wished he wouldn’t lean so closely, is was discomfort able.  “Bly Uaine, daughter of Councilmen Arten, and my Mother is Siusan, daughter of-“ she ducked her head, all he had asked was her name, not her linage. 
He nodded, and suddenly urged Rudy to a faster pace, “Beautiful name, now, I’d suggest you hold on tightly, Miss Uaine, This little feat is about to get a tad bit difficult”
Bly went from deep red from blush to a sickly white in mere seconds, “Difficult?”
Captain Bolivar wore a devilish grin that she could see if she turned her head just slightly, and it made her unsettled.  “Aye, difficult, getting through the gates won’t be an easy feat” he glanced behind, and Bly followed his gaze, even though they couldn’t see the King’s men, the sound of their shouting was growing louder and therefore closer.
“H-how do you plan on doing it?” she whispered, fear clutching at every nerve she possessed.
“Well, I’m not quite sure…” He chuckled, “Don’t tell anyone, but some of my best strategically moves have been made without a plan”.
Somehow, that made very little effect for the better for Bly.
The gates to the city appeared much faster then she expected, wasn’t Aragathia a rather large city? But, then again, the palace probably wasn’t located to far from the gate.
The gate was huge, easily the size of a young Fernbark tree, and was constructed of mainly iron and other metals.  She could see soldiers scrambling to get the gigantic gate shut before they rode through, but the very thing the King must’ve meant for protection, was standing in their way.  Captain Bolivar voiced her thoughts, “The gate is unbelievably huge and heavy, there is no way we could get it shut in time should a surprise attack be launched; its one of Aragathia’s little secrets. This great big door, once shut, is like a Mountain’s wall, but that’s only if we can get it shut in time”
The soldiers saw their fast approach, and gave up on heaving the gate shut, and formed a human line in front of the door, and Bly had to feel sorry for their brave, but futile efforts.  At least, she hoped it was futile, otherwise, she and the Captain were in trouble.
The ground between them and the soldiers closed quickly, Bly closed her eyes, and clenched Rudy’s mane all the tighter.
“Stop! Xander! Stop!” an unfamiliar voice called out, and Bly could sense the Captain tensing, as if trying to decide whether to obey. She opened her eyes, and saw the Soldiers had thrown their weapons down, and were holding their hands up as if in surrender.
A coal black horse and a rider dressed in a uniform better then a common soldier’s, but not as grand as The Captain’s rode in front of them, blocking their path.
“Xander, halt. You can’t go out this way” He kept his voice to a hiss, and Bly saw urgency in his eyes.
“Captain, who is this?” She whispered.
Instead of answering her, Captain Bolivar replied to the other man, “And why not, Greven? I’m just taking this lovely lady for a nice ride, is there a protocol against that?”
Greven, as she assumed his name was, growled, “Don’t play smart with me, Xander. You’ve got the Elf Ambassador, and the king has sent us to return her, and you, to him”
Bly suddenly felt like she was going to vomit from the fear rising in her stomach, to be returned would be bad for her, but worse for Captain Bolivar.
“I don’t plan on being hauled back as cargo, thank you” Her rescuer said with a sort of sickly politeness, and began tightening his grip on Rudy’s reigns, Greven noticed.
“Ah, but if you dare take a step out this door, I have men station in the watchtowers, watching this certain path, and only this path. Now, if you had been wise and taken another gate, perhaps you would have escaped, but I suppose you are helpless now, Xander. Even Rudy can’t outrun Ciar” He leaned forward and patted his black mare’s neck.
Bly frowned, why was he saying those things? Giving away the places where he had men being watched, didn’t he realize….
“I challenge you to a race then, Greven” Captain Bolivar whirled Rudy around, and took off at a fast run, the stallion’s hoof spewing dust in the soldier’s faces.
“Captain, is he a friend of yours?” Bly asked, loosening her grip on the mane long enough to brush her hair from her face.
“Friend of mine? The very closest, but I never realized just how close until now” Captain Bolivar sighed, and urged the poor Rudy faster.
“Until now? But he just….” Bly gasped, “He gave away where he had men stationed so you could get away!”
“Indeed” Bolivar glanced behind them, and sighed, “The poor fool, he won’t get off easily for that”
Suddenly, as if from nowhere, Greven and Ciar pounded from a side alley.
Laughing, Greven jerked Bly from off Rudy, and on to his own Mare.  She managed to contain the frightened scream, and only squeaked out a pitiful cry.
“You really should share your ladies, Xander”
“Oh, please put me back!” Bly cried, but Greven chuckled again, “If Xander wants you back, he’ll have to punch me for it, hard”
‘He is entirely lost his mind!’ Bly thought, but jerked when she felt the reigns suddenly thrust into her hands, “Here, hold on to Ciar for me why I battle your knight in shining armor, will you, my dear?”
Captain Bolivar grimaced, “Enough of your tricks, Greven! Let her go!”
“Should you be the only one to get glory? No fair, old friend, like I said, you need to punch me to get me to return her to you” Greven put extra emphases on the punching part, and Bly realized his plan. 
“No need, sir” she shoved him off of Ciar rather roughly, and Captain Bolivar stared at her, “Bly, that was...”
“A part of his plan, I assure you” she felt strangely confident. Gleeful over having realized, made a move, and saved the day. Well, not really, but she could pretend.
Now on the two horses, they made better time, and reached a smaller gate, unguarded, and unlocked, but shut.
The shouts had faded away to another part of the city, surely thanks to Greven giving them wrong leads, Oh how Bly appreciated what he had done.  Xander slid off of Rudy, and hastily unlocked their last obstacle.
“After this, we can escape to the Rebels” He said while swinging it open “Surely they’ll have need of an Elven ambassador and- Why, hello there, travelers, but I think you’ll want to enter through the main gate, nothing to see coming through this one” He was talking to somebody on the other side, and a girl’s voice answered him,  “You are a King’s guard, I shall have to kill you” the sound of a sword being unsheathed terrified Bly.
“Wait! Stop! Whoever you are, D-don’t kill Cap….Xander” She decided that calling him ‘Captain Bolivar’ wouldn’t bode well. “He isn’t…bad” grimacing over how phony that sounded, she still hoped her words got across. Or just stalled whoever planned on killing her rescuer.

And, now I leave it to Katherine, since I am literally B.R.A.I.N D.E.A.D  for this scene. XD XD
I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOO sorry for talking SO SO SO SO SO SO SO long to finish this shoddy piece of work. As the shrimp from Finding Nemo says, “I am ashamed”.


  1. OMGG, Ashley!!! This was absolutely EPIC!! I can't see how you thought this was "shoddy"! Ok where is the book I would so buy this!!! I ain't even jk, this was amazing!! MORE MORE MORE PLEASE!!

  2. Thank you I will get on it right away =) And it was great not shoddy in the slightest

  3. Now I wish I had a friend that would risk to save my sorry butt.

    1. Hey, if you were captured by an evil King, I'd risk myself to save you. XD