Monday, September 17, 2012

Kaymele (part 4)

(Minus the window)

    To my surprise it was Sarothax, clutching the ring of keys in his hand.  I stare at him wondering what he could possibly want.  He signals me to come closer, and I do.
    'They're all still arguing, one says hang you, the another says drown, and still all the others have their own idea of what to do to you.  Only your grandfather is on your side trying to get you anything but killed,' says Sarothax.
    'Why is this so important that you steal the keys to the door, only to tell me what I already guessed would be happening?' I ask taking a step back.
    'Because your grandfather is not making much of an impression upon them, and they have decided to kill you, though they know not which way,' says Sarothax looking around to make sure the guard does not return.
    'But Sarothax...' I begin.
    'Nithron, my real name is Nithron.  I changed it before I came here,' said Nithron.
    'Ok Nithron, why do you care what happens to me, and why did you change your name?' I ask.
    He looks at the ground, and fumbles with his hands as if he's having an argument with himself.  Finally, he looks straight into my eyes with his cool, pale, blue ones.  They tear into my soul and I want to look away, but I don't.
    'I am part of the resistance, and I came here for protection.  We need more friends than enemies, so I was sent to find more among the people of Incantevole, and the countries surrounding while in hiding.  I came here on a hope that there really were people here, and see if the rumors spoke a bit of truth.  The resistance needs help, and from your actions I see that you are brave, and cunning.  You will make a great addition to the resistance... if you join,' says Nithron extending his hand. 
    I think about his offer.  'This is a choice between life and death.  Or death and death, I could die either way.  I would much rather die for a noble cause than a criminal's penalty.  Besides, nothing is more dangerous enemy with nothing to loose.'
    'I'll go with you, and fight until my dying breath,' I say taking his hand.
    Away we run, through long corridors that finally come to the kitchen.  I grab bread, cheese, and a few strips of beef.  My hunting knife lies on the counter from this morning, all cleaned.  I grab it, and stuff it into my pack by the door.  We run around the side of the building.  I call Florentide with my mind, so as not to attract attention from the guards.  She arrives and I climb into the saddle, Nithron looks warily at my dragon.
    'Come on, climb up she won't bite.  At least I think she won't,' I say as I lower my hand to him.  
    He smiles, takes my hand, and has swings up into the saddle.  Off into the air we fly soaring above the clouds, I look down to see the guards running outside, too late to stop us, and my mother falling into father's arms weeping.  
    Further and further away we fly, seeing nothing but endless woods.  Until Florentide spots a clearing with a lake at it's center.  She glides down and lands beside the water.  The water is so smooth that it seems like glass, and the area surrounding is so unfamiliar to me that at once I feel lost.  Never being outside our land has it's drawbacks, but nothing has prepared me for this place.  Florentide looks exhausted, the weight of 2 people had put a strain on her.  Nithron tries to hide his weariness but unsuccessfully.  With the help of Florentide we have a fire going in minutes, confident that we weren't followed we aren't afraid to make the fire any particular size.
    'How many people make up the resistance?' I ask Nithron as I poke the fire.
    'We had about 300, but I've been hiding for 5 months and who knows how many more Beleg has found willing to fight,' says Nithron shaking his blonde hair out of his eyes.  That's when I notice his ears, pointed like an Elf's.  I act as though I hadn't seen anything.  'Is he truly an Elf or did I just imagine it?'
    'I am going to fill the water flasks, I'll be right back,' I say scooping up the flasks before Nithron had a chance to ask any questions.  
    I walk to the water's edge, and stare out into the water looking at the moons reflection on it's surface.  I stretched out my arm holding my hand out to the water, and I slowly turn my hand until the palm is up.  A bubble of water floats above the lake, flies towards me, and slipps into the water flasks filling them to the brim.  
    Feeling satisfied, I leave the flasks on the shore and dive into the cool water.  I surface, and lie on top of the water looking up into the stars.  My scales shine in the light, and even this does not comfort me.  I feel as though I could cry another lake this size with shame, and sorrow.  I think of my family, my uncle Arthion would say "You did the noble thing, leaving your people to fight for a good cause!".  Then I think of my mother, the last I saw of her was her falling into father's arms weeping.  The tears stream down my cheeks as I think of my sister.  'She was so young, and beautiful.  How could Locien have been so blinded by greed?' I stop  to think about this.  I was blinded by anger as much, if not more, as he was by greed.  More tears cascade down my face as I pull myself out of the lake and lie on my back in the sand.  Raising my hand above myself, palm down, I slowly draw my fingers in.  Steam rises off me as I dry off, soon my legs return, and I'm dry.  I grab the flasks and hurry back to the fire, sit beside Florentide, and lean against her warm side.
    'Thought you fell in,' says Nithron carving a stick with my knife.
    'I did,' I say laughing.  'Do you not know what I am?'
    'You're an elf, right.' sighed Nithron.
    'Well, yes and no,' I say gazing into the fire.  He looks at me puzzled.  'Oh, where do I begin.  You've lived in our village for how long and you didn't see anyone jump into the river and not resurface?' he shakes his head, 'I thought as much.  My people are not true Elves, they are only half, save myself,'
    'Then what are you?' asks Nithron.
    'I'm part mermaid.  Also Elf, Dwarf, and Human,' I say flushing bright red.
    Nithron stares at me in disbelief.  'What can I show him that can prove my story?' I ask myself.  Then the answer is clear.  I lift my hand and stretch my fingers towards the water flasks, and a small bubble of water floats over to him.  He reaches out to touch it, but I move it above his head and release it causing the water to drop on his head, soaking him from head to toe.  I cover my mouth to stifle a laugh threatening to escape, as he stands, dripping, in total shock.
    'Now do you believe me? Only mermaids can bend water,' I say still smiling.
    'I suppose I have to know that you've gotten me all wet!' exclaims Nithron.
    'Here let me dry you.' I say.  Once again I lift my hand towards him, he ducks thinking I'm going to drop another water ball on him.  I curl my fingers in slowly, and steam begins to rise from his body.
    'Well I'll be.  How did you do that?' he asks running his fingers through his hair.
    'Being of many races has it's advantages and disadvantages,' I replied, 'well I guess we should get some sleep, especially you Florentide.  We have a long way to travel before we reach the rebel camp,' I say laying down.  Florentide lies her head down and spirals of smoke rise from her nostrils.
    'Yes ma'am!' says Nithron saluting me.
    'Oh, go to sleep Nithron,' I say threatening another water ball.
    Sleep comes easy to us all, and we sleep well into the early afternoon.  After a cold meal of bread and cheese, we decide to walk for a while to give Florentide more time to recuperate.   We are only a few miles, according to Nithron, away from the Africi Grasslands in the Sanari region.  I hear that lions live there, but they are only legend, I hope.
    Several miles we travel on foot until Florentide insists that we ride on her.  She takes it slow flying just above the tree tops. We see the grasslands in the distance, a vast yellow, gold plain with hardly a tree at all.  Landing on the edge of the plain we take in the surroundings.  
    Then 3 figures 1 on a horse, 1 on a centaur, and the last was a lion went running across the plain.  Florentide takes to the air before I stop her and she flies high above them swoops down and lands right infront of the 3.  They stop only a few feet away from her, each one pale, and petrified.  We run to Florentide, and the strangers.  When we arrive no one has moved, and the lion became a young man before our eyes still crouched like the lion.
    'Florentide! Why did you take off like that?' I ask angrily.
    'P-Please don't eat us... we only want to heal the solders,' whispers the girl riding the centaur.
    'My dragon won't eat you, she ate 2 days ago and shouldn't be hungry,' I say in a calming tone, 'who are you, and what are you?'

I'll leave the rest for Anna's characters.