Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kaymele (part 3)

    I awake lying on my back, looking up to the blue sky with thick bulgy clouds trying to cover the sun.  I see Florentide flying above I try to call her, but no words escape from my lips.  I sit up only to see the dead body of Locien still staring with unblinking eyes.  A new wave of sorrow rushes over me as I take account of what happened last night.  I find my voice and call Florentide, she slowly wheels in so her wings don't get snagged on any trees.
    'I found you at last!  I waited and waited for you to come but when dawn broke I began searching.  What happened?' said Florentide looking at Locien's body slumped against the tree.
    'Oh Florentide, I killed him in anger.  He told me he only waited for Eleniel to sign his name into her will for everything, and was to have her killed afterwards.  Now I will be on trial for murder undoubtedly.  Oh Florentide, what am I going to do?!' I say standing up.
    'I don't know, but we must get you back to your family, they were more worried than me when I left,' answered Florentide.
    Florentide always knows how to make me feel better even when I feel like I can never return from sadness.  Off we fly over the woods and we circle the castle before landing on the grass before the steps.  Mother was working in the gardens when she saw me walking up to the door, she cast everything she was doing aside and hugged me like I was never to be seen again.  Then she notices the blood on my hands, face, and torn dress and quickly takes me inside to clean up.
    After I have changed my clothes and I am washed clean of the dirt, blood, and grime I walked to the Moon Pool to talk to Father, Mother, Naneth, and Ada.  Uncle Arthion, and Rimedur stand a way off on the other side of the pool.  I sense the anger, sorrow, and thankfulness.
    'Kaymele, when the Council arrive to put you on trial, what is your story, what happened in the woods?' asked Ada in a raspy deep voice.
    'I... I just killed him, it was to avenge my sister you know that.' I say trying to make myself look and sound innocent.
    Almost perfect timing, all 6 of the other Council members strode into the chamber, and took their places behind the carefully cut, white rock at the back of the chamber.  Ada took his seat with the Council, and the trial began.
    'Kaymele, you have broken our most punishable law.  What can you say in defence?'  said Vehiron looking sternly down at her.  Vehiron is the head Council member, and is to be treated with the most respect.
    'I was bringing justice to the real murderer of my sister Eleniel.' I say, trying not to look directly into his eyes.
    'Can you prove this?' asks Vehiron.
    'My sister is dead with multiple stab wounds, and slight poisoning,' I say clenching my fists.
    'But that was done by Cave Trolls.  You know that,' he says.
    'He hired them to kill her, he confessed it, and my dragon can say that I killed him in blind anger.  I ment to bring him back to face trial, but he taunted me until his death,' I say, the anger flashing in my eyes.
    'But you can get your dragon to say whatever you want her too, and since there was no one else to see your actions in the forest we must punish you!' he says, and slams the gavel against the hard rock, 'We will come to a penalty in 1 hour, dismissed.'
    I am grabbed from both sides by armed solders, and led away to the holding chamber, until they decide what to do with me.  Locked in a small room is something I never like, but if it's only for an hour, and against my will I must.  I lean against the wall with my head bowed.  The tears begin to flow again.  'I have failed my sister, she wouldn't have let anger blind her from what should have been done.'
    I continue to think this when I hear the key turn in the lock.  It's only been 10 minutes, none of the council members agree, and Ada will be on my side, so who's trying to get in?  The door opens and I gasp.

I'll leave it there as a cliff hanger...



    Love it.

    Ok, now, I must finish mine. ^.^

  2. My story would be like 'A bear mauled him!'

  3. if only that would have worked... she was too precise on where she killed him.