Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kaymele (part 1)

     The evening is cool, the sky just dimming into twilight.  The sound of the evening insects begin to harmonize.  I sit on my swing, listening to them.  Florentide lies not too far off curled up like a snake, watching me with her gleaming blue eyes.  I wonder where my sister and her husband to be are in this beautiful evening.
     'Florentide, are you going to go hunting yet?  I am going back into the house to help Mother with dinner preparations.' I sighed.
     'I guess I'll go on and catch something,' answered the dragon lazily.  She stood, stretched and took off with such power and strength that is so amazing even when you've watched it hundreds of times .
     I go into our large unknown castle.  We haven't had strangers around for thousands of years and now we have a new visitor and he tells us of the terrible King.  How hard he is on the poor and helpless.  Everyone is afraid of his power and authority.  Our visitor's name is Sarothax, he seems friendly enough so we offer him food and shelter.  He is soon to leave our modest bit of country, we live along the Great River, and we are surrounded by many friends and neighbors in their small houses and sometimes caves or huts.
     'Naneth, are you sure?  You saw them?  When?  They were headed in their direction?  Oh dear what are we to do, we aren't fighters how can we stop them before...' I hear my mother's voice coming from the other room, yet I hear not of Naneth.
    'What is wrong?' I ask.
    'Kaymele, where is your dragon?' quickly asks my mother.
    'She is hunting.  Why, is there any trouble?' I ask now worried.
    'Naneth saw Cave Trolls stalking towards the river.  Huge she says they are, and I'm worried for Eleniel and Locien being out there so long and the moon is already rising. ' said Mother looking towards Naneth.
    Just then, in the still of the evening we hear it the high piercing scream.  I rush to the window calling to Florentide to come quickly.  But before she even arrives I am running down the hillside to the river where the sound came.  Though before I'm even very far up the river I see a trail of blood flowing with the river's current.  I follow it, hurrying.  Before to long I see the dim shadow of Florentide flying over head she tells me that I'm not to for away from where the blood ends.  This news pushes me forward faster and faster, until I'm there.  I see the tail and the flowing blonde hair of my sister she was thrown into the water.
     With the help of Florentide I am able to pull her out of the water without turning myself into a mermaid.  One drop of water on my skin turns me into a fish out of water in seconds.  Florentide dries her with her wings, and I turn her over and see the multipul stabs that were bleeding badly.  I put her on Florentide's back on the saddle.  'No,' I told myself, 'she will make it back home safely.  I need to look for Locien.'
    'Florentide take Eleniel home to mother so that she can tend to her,' I said.
    She nods her head and takes off.  I search for an hour for Locien yet I find nothing of him, and head back home.  When I reach home everything is quiet, too quiet.  I walk to Eleniel's room, and see my mother washing Eleniel.  Her wounds were bandaged but I still see the blood seeping through the fresh cloths.
    'How is she?' I ask in a shaky voice.
    'I truly don't know, she is still loosing blood, and this far surpasses any of my healing abilities,' answered Mother with tears in her blue, green eyes.
    'She can't die... she just can't,' I say falling to my knees beside the bed taking Eleniel's pale hand.
    'We will wait until morning, and if she lives she may survive.  But there is another thing, she has been poisoned as well.  Not much mind you; but enough to possibly kill.'
    'Oh, Mother!' I collapse into my mother's arms weeping.
    I then realize that my mother's pain is so much greater than mine.  We waited up all night taking shifts, Father eventually came and stayed with us.  Then all to soon the dark hours came when she was awake and told me that she wanted mother and father at her side.  Pain now claimed her for it's own and the ills that vexed her feeble flesh were too much for her body.  Yet with the wreck of her frail body her soul became strong.  I never left her for more than half an hour ever since Eleniel told me.
    "I feel stronger when you're here.  Please don't go away." she said in a whispery voice.
    The hours passed by so slowly, and the birds came in time to say a final farewell to Eleniel in the early dawn.  Like a tired but trusting child she clung to the hands that had led her through all her life.  As Father and Mother guided her through The Vally of the Shadow, they knew she was ready.
    As Eleniel had hoped, her tide went out slowly, and in the dark hour before the first rays of light were above the horizon she quietly drew her last.  With no farewell, but one loving look, one little sigh.  When morning came I was not at my usual spot, the fire was out, and the room was still; but a bird sang loudly on a branch outside the window.  The new morning sunlight streamed in over the placid face on the pillow, a face so full of painless piece that those who loved it best smiled through their tears and were thankful that Eleniel was well at last.
    'Father, have you seen Locien?' I ask after I had wept for an hour and ran out of tears.
    'No, not since they left last afternoon.  Why?' answered Father.
    'I didn't find him when I found...' I stopped choke by coming tears.
    'I know yende (daughter).  It will go away eventually.' said Father in a soothing tone.
    'I don't want it to go away!  I want to find whoever did this and bring justice upon them!' I cry angrily, and storm out of the room.
    I continue to go outside to find Florentide.  I call her, and she is there infront of me.
    'Did you find any sign of Locien?' I ask angrily.  She knows I'm angry and this change in tone doesn't surprise her in the least.
    'I flew above the city all night, and saw nothing but a few fires that burned low.  Though one was not too far away from Locien's house.  I wonder if he ran and left her, like the coward he is.' said Florentide, stamping the ground with her forefoot.
    I search the land with my mind, and still find nothing; which is odd I always receive some sort of signal from any and everyone.  Until I finally found a slight connection towards the caves.  I climb onto Florentide's back and sit upon the saddle.
    'I think he's near the caves, we must hurry he may be injured,' I say to her, and she takes off in a flash.
    We reach the caves; which is really a small village built into the rock.  I can hear his thoughts much clearer now, and we walk to the abandoned caves where it is strongest.  Before we even reach them I smell Cave Trolls, the stench is unmistakeable.  The smell gets stronger as Locien's thoughts get stronger.  I wonder if he is dead or just barely clinging to life.  As we reach the mouth of the cave I hear Locien's voice.
    'You did your job well, and you will be paid in full.  You killed her right? Good, I don't want to be away for too long or they might get suspicious.  Go, I have to get moving.  I'll pay don't worry I know exactly what I'm going to do to her.'
    I pause wondering if those horrible words are truly coming from his mouth.  I back away slowly and finally run to Florentide.  'He had her killed,' I thought, 'but why, did he want the jewels? No, he wants something else.' 
    I reach Florentide and climb onto her, and she sees the distress in my efforts.
    'What troubles you?' asks Florentide.
    'I think Locien had Eleniel killed by Cave Trolls for some reason.  Not riches, but power over all the merpeople.  To control them and use them as he sees fit.  Maybe his greedy little mind also wants the riches as much as the power that has darkened his heart, so much that he would kill my older sister to get it,' I answer.
    'Then we must fly back to the castle and leave this place before we are spotted,' says Florentide.

Tell me what y'all think about this for the first part of my story.  Coment please! :D


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