Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nuvole (part 1)

I woke to the sound of scratching outside my thin walls. Cane? I thought.  Why would he be scratching to get in…. unless. Then I heard them, the footsteps that I had grown to recognize over the years. Yup, without a shadow of a doubt, these footsteps belonged to the most hated king I believe has ever ruled Incantevole.
He walked in with the biggest frown I had seen in a while. “Get your lazy butt up!” He shouted at me, taking a swig of wine.
 Oh great, I thought. Something must have happened. He is drinking. He normally only drinks like this when he is mad. Then my thoughts suddenly changed. Oh man, I have to deal with him like this? This just isn’t fair. I sighed.
 “Yes, your majesty, please forgive my laziness.” I bowed “It won’t happen again.”
“It better not.” The king snapped, close enough to my face to spray me with wine. “Now put this on! And when you are done come see me!” He threw a bundle of clothes right in my face, then abruptly turned and left slamming the door behind him.
“Oh great what am I wearing today?” I was talking to Cane. He was the only company I had any more.
 I unrolled the clothes and saw the normal vest, shirt, and breeches, but like always they were in contrasting colors, and for some reason he always makes me wear a different two colors every day. Today it was purple and yellow. I sighed again and dressed quickly. “Well Cane, I have to go now” I said, ruffling the small dogs’ ears as I left my quarters.
I walked up to the throne room like I do every day, but when I got there the king was nowhere to be found. I walked up the back way to the bath house hoping, no praying I wouldn’t run into Andromeda, That lady was a vicious snake, always ready to strike. I shivered at the thought of her. When I had first arrived here I thought King Felix was the worst it could get, then I met Andromeda.  I reached to open the bath house door but stopped when I heard King Felix. “Xander might know of our plans.” He said.
Then there was a pause and Andromeda answered. “Are you sure?”
“I caught him outside the door after we had discussed it. By the way he quickly dismissed himself, I can only assume…”
“Mmh…if he tells it to the wrong people it could slow our efforts. But I sense that the ones we need are coming together nicely. So even if he did tell, there is not much they could do at this stage. Besides, he may even lead us to them.”
This was just the information I had been hoping for. It wasn’t too clear, but I was certain the rebels would find this very valuable information. I waited to see if they said anymore.  After a few moments of silence I knocked on the door. “King Felix, Sir?”
I heard an unhappy sigh. “Yes, what is it?” He said opening the door.
“Sir, you said to come see you when I was dressed.”
He looked confused then remembered. “Oh, yes that. I need to speak with you privately.” He stumbled past me and I followed.
We walked for a while. Then he stopped and entered a small, musty, closed up room with no windows.
“Sit.” He said gesturing to a crate in the corner that looked as if the smallest weight would make it crumble. I sat anyway, knowing if I didn’t he would surely do something terrible to me. ‘This is strange.’  I thought. ‘He is being way too nice.’
“I have a proposition for you,” he said, glaring at me with his evil green eyes.
 I have always hated his eyes. They were always so cold.
 “What is it, Sir?”
“I think I will give you a day off.” He attempted a smile. It was a lost effort.
“But, Sir?”
“Ah no buts. You will take this day off.” He looked me straight in the eyes, like he was trying to pull out all my secrets.
I swallowed hard. “Yes, Sir.” I stood and left closing the door behind me.
I ran to my quarters and sat there thinking. Why would he give me a day off? He hasn’t the past 8 years. It makes no sense. Then I realized. What if he suspects me for giving information to the rebels? It is most likely -no. The only reason he would ever give me a day off. He will probably send one of his obedient little dogs to spy on me while I roam the streets. So I can’t contact my informant. That would be too dangerous. I will have to get them the information another way.