Saturday, September 15, 2012

Prid (Part 1)

   The day I was born, everyone knew that I had lion blood in me, for when I am angry, I take the form of a lion.   My claws and teeth killed my mother in her labor.   My father, a lion, took me to the Grasslands to live, but he died 2 years later in a battle.   My uncle Simbani took me into his hut.   He taught me swordplay and chivalry, and all the schooling I would need in life.
   This very year, I am to join the rebel army.   Uncle Simbani does not want to lose another relative.   I do not want to leave him in his old age, but its my duty as a man.
   After I was done speaking, I noticed one of the girls staring at me.   Her hood had fallen down, and long, blond hair was exposed.   "I'm sorry," she said.   "I..."
   "Don't worry about it." I chuckled.   "I get that a lot from the lionesses around here."   I looked around the room.   The other girl was asleep.   I picked her up and put her on my pallet and motioned to the other girl to get on uncle Simbani's pallet.   She hesitated, then yawned and climbed in.   Immediately she fell asleep.   I walked outside to talk to my uncle.   (Note: my uncle speaks Lion, but I shall translate.)
   "Hello, my boy."
   "Hello, uncle."
   "Are the girls asleep?"
   "Yes, uncle."
   "Good."   He paused.   "Did that girl still stare at you?"
   I laughed.   "Yes, she did."
   "She likes you."
   I laughed again.   "I can tell!"
   He paused again.   "Do you like her?"
   I stopped.   Did he really just ask me that question?   "I don't know yet, Uncle, I met her only this morning."
   "All the same, do you like her?"
   How does uncle Simbani always know my deepest thoughts?   "Y-yes, uncle."
   He smiled.   "I had a feeling after that hood fell off, you would see her beauty and character."
   I was embarrassed.   Did I really like Anakis?   I just met her!